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PCS Software Slated to Add New Notes Receivable Management Feature Set to the Express Transportation Management Software Suite Version 19 Release


Shenandoah, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/09/2015 --PCS Software is pleased to announce the addition of a comprehensive Notes Receivable Management feature set to their Express Accounting system. The new dynamic accounting tool will become available in the upcoming Express Transportation Management System (TMS) version 19 release. The Notes Receivable Manager feature set is a comprehensive collection of features that record, track and organize Notes Receivables and payments.

Adept at managing interest bearing loans and monitoring payment schedules the new feature set includes the following time-saving advantages:

- Organizes Note Receivable transactions and manages activities.
- Automatically deducts payments from drivers' settlements.
- Posts interest and principal when payments are received.
- Tracks running principal balances and interest income.

This new feature will be available in the upcoming September 2015 release of Express TMS v19 and is well-suited for companies who extend cash loans or has sold and financed equipment for drivers. Management services ensue when loans entail repayment for some period greater than one year and includes interest charges. The new Notes Receivable Management tool keeps a close accounting and management of all cash payments deducted from driver. These types of loans are usually interest bearing and repaid on a fixed, or mostly fixed schedule.

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