PDF Content Split: Split Acrobat Files Into Smaller PDF Files Based on Content

Affordable PDF tools provider, A-PDF, develops new PDF content split software with a unique function that splits files into individual sections based on keywords and locations.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2014 --A-PDF is pleased to announce the introduction of a PDF content split tool which will locate the position from where the text needs to be extracted and compared. The A-PDF content splitter then splits PDF into separate files that are smaller.

A-PDF introduces a content splitter, which is a utility that splits Acrobat files into smaller PDF files based on location and text information within the files. It is used to split complex PDF documents, such as invoices, reports or payrolls into separate files by using keywords such as invoice number, account number or employee name. This also includes a command line version.

The A-PDF Content Splitter saves time and money. The software can handle multiple files and costs $79. The software does not require the support of Adobe Acrobat Pro. The A-PDF content splitter provides a powerful visual rule editor which allows the user to define how the file is split and supports three such methods. The system also has a number of tags which makes the system more flexible. A-PDF Content Splitter also provides powerful output name scripts. Users can set up monitored directories where all files are split while being saved.

The software is user friendly. In three simple steps users can split any document, after defining a rule. Users simply have to select the file that needs to be split, select the split rule that apply and click the ‘split all’ button. Once the rule is defined, users can re-use the rule to split files on a regular basis and can trigger another program to process the files after they have been split. This depicts the level of automation the A-PDF content splitter provides.

A Free trial is available on the website.

About Affordable PDF Tools
Affordable PDF creates programs provide a unique split function that splits files into individual sections based on keywords.

For more information and to download the software visit: http://www.a-pdf.com/content-splitter/index.htm.