PDF Enhancement Is Made Easy Through FlipBuilder's Catalog Design Tool

Flip PDF is a catalog design tool with the capacity to create interactive catalogs from ordinary PDF files in just minutes.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2018 --Many people were surprised upon learning about the full capacity of Flip PDF as a catalog design tool. Instead of being intimidated by the features and navigation process in using Flip PDF, users became more comfortable in converting their respective PDF files into incredible Flash and HTML5-enabled published catalogs. Thus, catalogs that are accessible through computer desktops, Android or Mac devices can now be created by anybody who would opt to download this catalog design tool produced by FlipBuilder.

So how easy does Flip PDF work? Users only need to know the three simple steps to optimally utilize this catalog design tool.

Begin with the creation of a new project right after launching Flip PDF. Importing a PDF file into a new project would only require browsing of the file from its source location.

The next step is to customize the PDF file by choosing an ideal template and theme from among the numerous pre-designed templates and themes collection. In fact, URLs can also be linked into the images or brand logos that user will put into their catalogs.

The final step is the publication process. Users are given the option to either publish online or offline. Online publication can be done with the use of the Upload Online Service. Offline output, on the other hand, is done by saving the file into local formats such as HTML, EXE, FBR etc.

Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipBuilder, puts an emphasis on the need to upgrade reading experience through the help of this catalog design tool. "Today is the age of dynamism where plain reading becomes boring. It is time for people to learn and explore the simple ways of converting ordinary PDF documents into compelling digital reading materials," he said.

He then grabbed the opportunity to promote FlipBuilder's catalog design tool by stating, "Flip PDF is the surest way to become experts in the digital publishing process. This catalog design tool is created to provide an easy and user-friendly experience in converting PDFs into catalogs."

Truly, FlipBuilder has loads of offerings to its users. Flip PDF is a good start to explore many possibilities in the publishing industry.

About FlipBuilder
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