PDF to Flipbooks Created by PUB HTML5 Now Receive New Enhancements


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/05/2016 --The leading technology provider of HTML5 digital publishing software, PUB HTML5 has made a giant leap in its bid to satisfy its customer and to improve their digital publishing applications. Due to the versatility and tenacity of its software development team, PUB HTML5 now has the full ability and capacity to convert PDF to flipbook, and not only that, they made it so easy and pleasurable for both the existing customers and the prospective customers.

Now companies can quickly convert their annual report that is in PDF format to different types flipbook style that is eye-catching that will give the staffs of the company a fresh reading experience. Companies can decide to customize the look of their flipbook to the corporate design of their company or that of their customers if they wish to. Other features like custom logos, Colored bookmarks, video, custom backgrounds, toolbar, music, are also available to enhance the flipbook and make it very appealing. The excellent news is that HTML5 flipbook works on iOS and Android devices, making the reading highly interactive.

Online retailers too can also decide to convert their PDF catalog to a variety flipbook style that is captivating and will capture the interest of buyers quickly. Businesses can also convert their PDF brochure to flipbook style and introduce their service in a unique way that will be appealing to their targeted customers. It is very easy to create flipbook from PDF on PUB HTML5: It can easily be done by importing the PDF, and after that inputting the text. They can now decide to add other features of their choice.

PUB HTML5 is one of the leading technology providers of HTML5 digital publishing software solutions.Its digital publishing software allows one to convert any printed material into a unique digital publication. Its innovative desktop publishing software help to deliver content via the web, tablets, mobile devices, and social media channels. The PUB HTML5 software is ideal for publishing online magazines, product catalogs, newspapers, annual reports, business brochures, newsletters, corporate reports, ebooks, event flyers, or any other type of multi-page printed material.

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Anna Lee, Chief Designer