PDF Watermark and PDF Password Security Tools Have Been Upgraded by a-PDF

A-PDF Watermark and A-PDF Password Security, the two small but practical PDF tools, now are able to help office workers more on PDF file.


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/15/2014 --Team A-PDF releases the revolutionary upgraded versions of the Watermark and Password Security tools, which distinguishes them from all the other versions due to the high-end technology used. A-PDF is recommended for users in the tiers from high school students to top level corporate management.

With the recent announcement of A-PDF Watermark desktop utility, PDF users look forward to using the new feature introduced by their favorite PDF tool producer, A-PDF. A-PDF.com has released the upgrade making it far more convenient for PDF users to add copyright information, trademarks, company logo and stamps, etc. to their portable documents as watermarks quickly and easily. The software is quite easy to use with its simple and appealing user interface.

Apart from that, features of A-PDF Watermark include options for directly printing without saving, add watermarks only to documents queued to be printed, using the software to work with Hot Directory, directly emailing the PDF files through FTP etc. One major feature of A-PDF Watermark is its highly customizable nature. It includes a long list of different settings which can be used to customize the watermark. It supports 5 types of watermarks including text, images, PDF, shapes and dynamic date/time. For advanced users, A-PDF Watermark comes with an integrated command line, which can be used to add watermarks to PDF files without using the wizard.

The PDF password security tool’s update enables users to encrypt PDF files, decrypt PDF file, change restrictions of PDF files, batch change properties of PDF files, add expiry time and data to PDF files, create a password pool, work with hot directory, modify metadata, enable and disable expiry and last but not the least help them save money. The utility tool offers a 128 bit encryption to all PDF files protecting them from all malicious thefts.

Overall, A-PDF Watermark and Password Security are essential PDF Tools for all levels of PDF users around the world. It saves money and time while making the use of PDF more productive and comprehensive.