PDF Watermark Software by a-PDF: Affordable Tool to Add Image and Text Watermark to PDF

A-PDF is introducing a PDF Watermark generator capable of protecting copyrights which ensures greater protection PDF files. The software is flexible and unique with many desirable features.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/20/2014 --A-PDF Watermark or PDF Stamp is an easy and useful PDF Watermark generator. Having a watermark is an effective method used to protect and prove the authenticity of any document. A-PDF is ensuring the same protection for PDF documents. The A-PDF Watermark allows users to stamp or watermark PDF files with five different watermarks. Namely Text, Image, PDF, Sharp, Dynamic and Date time, which provides evidence for the variety of the software.

The watermark can be set to be shown only when the PDF document or file is printed and remains hidden while viewing. This is an advantage of the PDF stamp as it allows the protection of copyrights without affecting those viewing it on their personal devices in the original form. The watermark is seen only when an attempt is made to duplicate the documents in paper form and not otherwise.

This PDF Watermark software works with hot directory too. Users can set up a monitored directory, and a watermark will be added to all files written into that directory as and when they are saved. In addition to this the original files can be moved in to a backup directory. All the operations are recorded in log files. This method increases efficiency by saving time and effort and is suitable for users who need to create watermarks for a large number of PDF files.

The PDF stamp offers powerful setting options for watermarks which has many advantages. The users of A-PDF Watermark are able to keep customers satisfied by providing them with appropriate watermarks for every PDF file.

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