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Peak Achievement Training to Demonstrate Innovative New Product at TransTech Conference

Dr. Jon Cowan to Give Workshop on Using the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Pro and the MeditAider to Enhance Memory, Attention, Long-Term Happiness and Health


Goshen, KY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/11/2016 --Sunday, October 16th will be an exciting day for neurofeedback enthusiasts as Peak Achievement Training Founder Jon Cowan, Ph.D. conducts a workshop at this year's TransTech Conference & Expo in Palo Alto, CA. Dr. Cowan will use the newly-released Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Pro and the MeditAider to give an overview of the scientific background and teach attendees how to operate the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Pro. This simple but powerful neurofeedback system measures and trains three fundamental dimensions of mental activity: Focus, Alertness, and Neureka!. Neureka! is a clarification of the specific 40 Hz EEG rhythm that is involved in processing new learning, memory, attention, and—via the dopamine system—enhancing happiness, love, appreciation, and bliss. All of this will be explored in the workshop during a demonstration with unique feedback for all three dimensions.

The TransTech Conference & Expo 2016 seeks to connect those in attendance with experts in the technologies exponentially expanding the reach of AI, augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, biohacking, neuroscience, and computational transformation. Visitors will have the opportunity to hear from researchers working on the latest innovations regarding positive computing, affective computing and behavior change, and how these areas relate to improve human mental and emotional wellbeing in ways never before imagined.

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About Jonathan Cowan, Ph.D.
Jonathan Cowan, Ph.D., the founder and Chairman of Peak Achievement Training (NeuroTek, LLC), is a well-known and respected researcher and pioneer in Neurofeedback training. He discovered very simple and clear Neurofeedback Training methods for Focus, Alertness, and Neureka!, the brain's response to new learning, which encompasses enhanced memory, cognition, and positive feelings. He has designed and marketed the Peak Achievement Trainer, the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Pro, and the Mood Elevator. He has participated in designing and publishing a number of research studies on these systems, showing improvements in attention, autistic issues, and long-term happiness. He is a Peak Performance Specialist who understands that NeuroVideoFeedback™ technology has the ability to improve people's lives by increasing their focus and decreasing stress. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of California, San Francisco, where he worked with Dr. Joe Kamiya, the discoverer of brainwave biofeedback. Dr. Cowan is committed to making this powerful technology widely available for consumer, professional and institutional use.

About Peak Achievement Training
Peak Achievement Training is a revolutionary performance enhancement technology company that has created the world's first economical, accurate external interface between the human brain and a PC. The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Pro has all three protocols: Focus, Neureka! and Alertness. Neureka! is the brainwave signature for the good feeling we get when we learn something new -- AHA! When subjects learned to improve their Neureka!, they were happier by over 30%. Their new level of happiness remained unchanged for at least 4 months. Dozens of studies now show that present happiness predicts future health, so this is a way to enhance wellness and promote longevity.

Since its original formation in 1993 (under the name NeuroTechnology, Inc.), the company has gathered an impressive list of users to its credit, including the David Leadbetter Golf Academy; the 2001 Super Bowl Champions; Olympic Training Centers in the US, UK, Canada, Israel, Norway, Taiwan and Singapore; the US Army's Centers for Enhanced Performance; Fortune 500 companies; the U.S. Office of Personnel Management; and many others.