Pegasus Is a Powerful, Solar-Powered Portable Generator for Charging Devices Anywhere


Walnut, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/08/2018 --Pegasus is one of the most powerful solar power generators on the market with a battery capacity of 595 Wh. It has been designed to be easy to carry and transport anywhere. It can be used as a mobile power source for hobbyists, or as an emergency power source when electricity is not readily available. An environmentally-friendly source of electricity, Pegasus has been designed to be recharged using solar power in just five to eight hours.

Pegasus charges devices 75 percent faster than traditional USBs and has nine individual output ports to support all electronic devices. It is perfect for charging just about any device when on the go, from laptops, cell phones, cameras and drones, to drills, fans, guitars, lights and even food blenders. It is safe for indoor or outdoor use under almost any conditions, making it ideal for camping, outdoor living, or when power is required after an electricity outage following an event such as a hurricane.

Ultra lightweight, Pegasus weighs only 11.5 lbs and has a sturdy carrying handle. It has four USB ports, including two USB outputs, a Type-C Output and a Quick Charge USB Output (QC 2.0). It also includes two DC-12V Outputs, a Car Charger Output, an LED light panel and an Emergency Flashlight.

The Pegasus portable power generator can be recharged in three ways. There are two input ports on the left hand side which make Pegasus compatible with solar charging, wall charging from an electric outlet at home, or car charging. If charging Pegasus with natural solar power, an MPPT Charge Controller shortens the solar charge time to only five to eight hours.

"By using Pegasus, you're supporting a world less dependent on gas and more on renewable energy," said Jeffrey T., media representative at ACOPower. "And it really is the perfect companion when you're out and about; it's small enough to carry to the beach for a day out, and powerful enough to power your entire campsite!"

The invention of ACOPower, an experienced solar power provider, Pegasus incorporates multiple safety measures, including surge protection to protect Pegasus and devices from voltage spikes. A pure sine wave inverter allows Pegasus to be used with complex electronics and it can track changes in temperature to ensure devices are charging normally.

Pegasus is available from Indiegogo, with a limited number available at 50% off at $368. Find out more by visiting the Indiegogo page here:

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