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Pelham Physical Medicine Inc. Provides Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

New York physical medicine practice provides assay for patients undertaking personalized exercise and diet programs


Bronx, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2014 --Pelham Physical Medicine Inc. provides full Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) tests for patients undergoing a new personalized dietary program, or who are entering a new physical therapy or exercise regimen. Bioelectrical Impedance Testing measures a spectrum of weight and fat-to-muscle factors in a person’s body, including body fat, lean body mass, fat weight, basal metabolic rate, body mass index, phase angle and hydration status, which is broken down into intra-cellular vs. extra-cellular water content. This information paints a detailed picture of each patient’s body composition and is a powerful tool used in the development of personalized diet and exercise programs. The amount of information collected from the assay offers tremendous insight into a subject’s true internal health status. Follow-up tests can prove invaluable, as they provide an ongoing picture of anabolic (building) or catabolic (break down) trends in the body’s systems and how they preform over time.

Pelham uses BIA testing to help develop wellness guidelines for clients looking to get a big picture perspective on body composition prior to entering a dietary, physical therapy or workout program. Body composition determines to a great extent how balanced the body is internally in relation to fat content and cellular health. As such, these measurements are directly related to the evaluation of a person’s overall health. Altered body composition, or an excess of fat in the body, is an indicator of a less healthy body and a possibly shorter lifespan. With this information in hand the staff at Pelham Physical Medicine can guide patients to a healthier body with an evidence-based wellness program.

About Pelham Physical Medicine
Pelham Physical Medicine uses state of the art testing, diagnostic, supplemental and pharmaceutical approaches to achieving wellness goals for their patients, whether they are undergoing physical therapy, weight-loss, pain treatment, lymphedema treatment or knee and hip therapy. A thorough BIA test is just one way the professionals at Pelham take their patients’ overall health into consideration when prescribing the optimal approach to their total health. To learn more about the techniques and technology available at Pelham Physical Medicine, Inc. visit them online at