Penguin United Releases Bluetooth Headphone Adapter for PlayStation 4

Silicon Valley gaming accessories company Penguin United creates simple and budget friendly solution to sync any Bluetooth headphones with Playstation 4


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/05/2015 --Penguin United, a Silicon Valley developer and manufacturer of game console accessories and sidekick products announced today the launch of their Bluetooth Wireless Headset Adapter with Mic for Playstation 4, an easy-to-setup device that allows users to sync any Bluetooth headset, headphones or earphones to their Playstation 4. A device that transmits background music and audio conversation via high-quality 44.1K sound output. Penguin United's goal is to bring a completely wireless gaming experience to casual and hardcore gamers.

Founded in 2010, Penguin United has been a pioneer in delivering simple gaming solutions at budget friendly prices. Eagle Eye, released in 2012, converts your USB keyboard and mouse into a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 controller. The easy plug-and-play setup and fully customized keyboard settings proved to be a huge success in the game console community. Penguin United is ready to build on their success of Eagle Eye and deliver another gaming solution.

Penguin United CEO & President, Richard Huang said, "Everything is going wireless. However, the current gaming platform does not offer enough choices to the consumers on the wireless headset they get to use. We recognized a problem and meticulously created a solution."


- Control your game volume with the onboard controls of your headphones
- Transmit background music, audio conversation via high quality 44.1K sound output.
- Microphone audio via 3.5mm adapter to controller
- Deliver a completely wireless setup for the ultimate gaming experience.
- 100% transmission for all elements of your game's sound, including chat.

The Penguin United Bluetooth Wireless Headset Adapter with Mic for Playstation 4 is available at Amazon for $24.99 MSRP. Review units are available upon request and approval.

About Penguin United
Penguin United is an organization committed and focused on developing unique accessories that will enhance your game console experience. By effectively utilizing market research, Penguin United meticulously identifies products the gaming community is in search for. Rather than focusing on creating a large quantity of products, Penguin United's goal is to target and deliver rare devices and accessories for the casual and hardcore gamer.

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