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Penis Enlargement - Dispelling the Myths - What Really Works - From a Real Doctor

Internationally Renowned Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Stephen X. Giunta, M.D., F.I.C.S explains the high risks associated with buying online products, courses and bibles for penis enlargement from non medical companies and individuals using non-clinically proven methods.


Alexandria, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/30/2014 --For some men beginning in their youth through to adulthood feel inadequate about the size of their penis. The old adages like “does size really matter?” are on their minds in early years. They hear stories that women don’t achieve full sexual satisfaction due to the size of a penis and in short time you have a man that is deeply depressed about their own insecurities. This can cause long term lack of self confidence that could deeply affect success in life and spousal opportunities.

Unscrupulous online scammers love to capitalize on this and have sold millions of penis enlargement pills. In the long term they do nothing to permanently increase penis size and worse, what ingredients can be lurking in these pills. “There are severe potential risks to anyone willing to take penis enlargement pills including reproductive toxicity” states Dr. Stephen Giunta, a cosmetic plastic surgeon located in Alexandria, Virginia. Dr. Giunta has performed over 10,000 phalloplasty surgeries (penis enlargement) on patients from around the world. He goes on to say “It’s like buying illegal drugs on the street from dealers that only care about making money; you never know what’s really in those pills.”

Flora Research of California and the University of Maryland in a combined study on penis enlargement pills found E. coli, yeast, pesticides, mold, lead and even fecal contamination in penis enlargement pills. There is no clinical proof that penis enlargement pills work for permanent increase in penis length or girth size. Always consult a real medical Doctor before considering any non-clinically proven products relating to penis enlargement.

There is practically no regulation for internet based penis enlargement companies and it’s not just pills they are flogging. Dr. Giunta wanted to alert the general public and in particular any males looking for penis enlargement solutions to be extremely concerned about false claims and health risks.

In yet another recent example of non-clinically proven methods spreading online is an e-book called the Natural Penis Enlargement Bible. The author set up the e-book so it could be resold through resellers and affiliates. The affiliates know every trick online and have created dozens of pages masked under “reviews” or “scams”, “Natural Penis Enlargement Bible”. This way they can bury and falsify the real reviews if you can even find them. They use subject lines like “Add 2-4 Inches To Your Penis”, “Gain 2.2 inches in 89 days” and similar. This is out and out hucksterism.

The author of the Natural Penis Enlargement Bible has no clinical or scientific background. He has a video explaining how he discovered the so called miracle, the natural penis enlargement theory. He states he flew to London and after three days of heavy drinking and with a heavy hangover went to a public library and stumbled upon some book he decided to turn into a money making scheme. They claim to have sold 5000 copies. Why would anyone trust someone that admits he was drinking heavily for three days, has no background in the medical industry and stumbled upon this miracle?

Does anyone remember Kevin Trudeau and his weight loss book that made him a multi millionaire but had no proof or even how to lose weight? The US government certainly does as he was fined millions and millions of dollars, and then fled to a different country. Does this sound familiar?

About Dr. Giunta
Dr. Giunta has performed over 10,000 MISL phalloplasty surgeries and pioneered penis enlargement surgical methods for phalloplasty. Dr. Giunta understands the psychological aspects of what these men are going through before they make the decision to have real penis enlargement surgery. MISL Phalloplasty is a proven method, however not all patients are candidates. If you would like to learn more please contact Dr. Giunta for a no obligation consultation. Ask as many questions as you like, learn the facts and always remember the age old saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

Click here to view a video with Dr. Giunta and a patient.

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