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Pennington, McClane & Associates Announces Victory over North West Car Dealership on Misrepresentation Case

Pennington, McClane & Associates announces its victory against North West Car Dealership. The advisory firm has recently settled a case against North West Car Dealership who lied and misrepresented their client.


Blackpool, Lancashire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/08/2014 --Pennington, McClane & Associates has recently announced its victory against North West Car Dealership. The unnamed 50 million plus pound a year business allegedly lied to one of Pennington’s customers by selling a clocked car with existing hidden faults. Car clocking is a fraudulent practice whereby a person takes miles off a car’s odometer so that it looks as though the car has been driven for far fewer miles than it actually has. It is a common drill used by crooks to add thousands of pounds to the value of a vehicle. The buyer, Miss K, hired the services of the law firm to help her with the issue and have the car dealership fix the car and pay all out of pocket expenses incurred by the fraud as well as her costs and damages. The law firm was delighted to announce that the car dealership agreed to fix the car and pay all damages to the client. This settlement came within seven days of the law firm’s involvement with the case and without the issue going to court. Lance, the contract specialist who referred the case to Pennington, McClane & Associates said. "Today is a victory for common sense and the honest consumer". Kevin Pennington: Pennington, McClane & Associates, senior partner from the law firm, was very happy with the outcome of the events saying, "When dealing with dishonest firms, it is important that advice is sought. Intervention at an early stage caused the firm to back down and settle fully within seven days without Miss K incurring a penny in court costs".

According to their website,, the firm is composed of experienced lawyers, consultants and tax advisors with a specific focus on aspects of misrepresentation on the part of businesses operating in the holiday and automotive sectors. The firm does not deal directly with members of the public and only accepts work referred to by their network of consultants and through other professional services and legal firms.

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