PERFECT DESIGN JEWELRY Launches Cranes-Bill Flower Jewelry Set

A Wintry Silver Jewelry Set for Independent and Tough Girls


Guanzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/21/2018 --PERFECT DESIGN JEWELRY is excited to announce the launch of Silver Cranes-bill flower jewelry set, which contains a ring and a bracelet that are both designed with Cranes-bill flowers, for the meaning of Fertility, Health, Love, Protection, True Friendship, and Comfort. The official launch date for the elegant 925 silver jewelry set is in 2018 winter.

The handmade jewelry set is made of 925 sterling silver with minimalism Cranes-bill flower shape. This design shows a different side to PERFECT DESIGN JEWELRY, where a more sensual form dominates. Refreshingly different, this Cranes-bill look adds a nature and luxury dimension. Inspired by the iconic conceptual designs of the China village of the southern mainland, where small, charming, quirky townhouses, rivers, flowers and willow are Picturesque. The jewelry set plays with geometry, combing simplistic plating with feminine design and the result is a delicate and stunning series of timeless, minimal and classic jewelry featuring rings and bangles. With the new season circles specifically giving off the intoxicating charm. Drawing inspiration from the sun, the bands of Cranes-bill flowers shine and sparkle with glowing strength, whilst exuding the power and self-confidence of female charm.

"I am inspired because I am attracted to certain things. I love spring flowers, summer green, autumnal sunshine, and wintry snow. I would pick out certain details from nature. "

"I have a garden of roses and I water them every day. One day on my way home, I saw some wildflowers out of my garden. They are bright and gorgeous that attracted my eyes soon. They are Cranes-bill flowers. Although I have never taken care of them, they are still blooming very brightly. Their vitality is very tenacious and strong comparing with roses."

"I use Cranes-bill flowers in my jewelry designing because I wish girls who wear it could be independent, strong and tough. You don't have to be perfect, but you could be a better person."

"We can waste a lot of time wishing for impossible things and wishing that we were different, but we shouldn't worry because we don't have the perfect lives."Jewelry designer May said.

PERFECT DESIGN JEWELRY Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in jewelry designing and processing. They have more than 10 years experience in designing and selling handmade jewelry.

With a group of the experienced Italian and Chinese jewelry designer team, They design original, unique style jewelry with inspiration from nature. They have excellent handmade silver jewelry masters, superior quality control and aim to customize exclusive jewelry for customers from all over the world.

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