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Perfect LED Announces Launch of Complete MOBIUS Portable LED Tube Range

Perfect LED launches three revolutionary MOBIUS lighting solutions for consumers worldwide.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/28/2016 --Perfect LED, an internationally renown lighting solution provider dedicated to revolutionary light sources for consumers across the globe, unveiled their MOBIUS Portable LED Tube Range: MOBIUS Classic, MOBIUS Mini, and MOBIUS Xtreme. A diverse variety of LED portable lighting solutions designed to service every need and necessity an individual could have, the MOBIUS Tube Range offers a powerful alternative to everyday flashlights.

"Our rechargeable MOBIUS Tube Range enables people worldwide to pursue hiking adventures, nighttime excursions, construction projects, and so much more," said Roman Riepl, Creator of the MOBIUS Tube Range. "Don't settle for conventional, limited flashlight abilities anymore. Harness the longevity and extended capabilities of portable LED lighting for guaranteed, quality lighting solutions."

With an amazing range of features, all three products in the new MOBIUS Tube Range showcase incredible storing and packaging, designed by a highly qualified team, to provide ideal portable lighting solutions.

The first installment in the range, the MOBIUS Classic, is a new, all-encompassing portable lighting solution, perfect for camping, car emergencies, and household blackouts. At only 200mm long, the MOBIUS Classic produces up to 200 lumen on the 100% power setting. Moreover, the 36,000-hour lifespan means the MOBIUS Classic lasts far longer than the traditional torch.

The second product, the MOBIUS Mini, with only 108mm, is a tiny portable LED tube that supplies a surprisingly powerful punch. With 4 light settings and a flash mode, this tiny portable light proves to be the ideal lighting solution for an outgoing life. Able to fit into a pocket or handbag, this light can last up to 400 hours on its 1% setting, 8 hours on 50%, 20 hours on 70%, and up to 3 hours on 100% brightness. The Mini comes with customization options (color case, color zipper, color USB cable, etc.) for the perfect stylish pocket lighting solution.

The last installment, the MOBIUS Xtreme, is only 140mm long and is an exceptional portable LED tube that is the perfect emergency light for extreme situations.

With four dimmable light settings, white, red, SOS and flash, the MOBIUS Xtreme is IP68 rated, waterproof, shockproof, and an impeccable tool for outdoor pursuits and emergency situations; and the red setting is ideal to prevent loss of night vision. The SOS setting will last for 31 hours, making it an exceptional emergency necessity for dangerous situations, extreme sports, and outdoor pursuits.

A spokesperson of the company said; "We wanted to produce three variety of products in total, so consumers had a perfect choice for satisfying their lighting solution demand,"Try out these top-notch LED Tubes today at incredibly affordable prices."

Perfect LED is seeking B2B distributors for the new product and is energized to work with any company worldwide. Currently partnered with companies in the US, UK, Germany, and Austria, Perfect LED is looking to expand their partnerships to other countries around the world.

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