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Personality Based Relocation Program to Find YOUR Best Life Enables People to Relocate to a Place They Will Love

Created by relocation expert Mare Rosenbaum, How to Land SoftlyTM is a unique, time-tested program that helps people find the perfect place in three steps. Instead of offering a list of best places to live or tips on how to choose a house, Rosenbaum’s program focuses on a mover’s perspective, finances, values and cultural lens.


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/08/2016 --NEW PROGRAM HELPS MOVERS FIND THE PERFECT PLACE TO LIVE

The average person will move 11.7 times in their lifetime, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Despite that number, finding a home and community that fits a person's values and ideals is expensive and time-consuming. A new program from relocation service company Homeward Bound is out to simplify that process, and help people find their new home, in a completely new area, in a matter of days.

Created by relocation expert Mare Rosenbaum, How to Land Softly is a unique, time-tested program that helps people find the perfect place in three steps. Instead of offering a list of best places to live or tips on how to choose a house, Rosenbaum's program focuses on a mover's perspective, finances, values and cultural lens. By finding out what people want and need in a new place to live, Homeward Bound can give them the tools to find the perfect community. It can help relocators save money too, especially on traveling to various places to see if they are a good match. When the cost of shipping household goods is up to $13,000, according to Worldwide ERCĀ® Foundation, you only want to move once!

The program consists of a series of videos that teaches people how to navigate the moving process from start to finish.

Topics include:

How to save $20,000 on buying a house
The most important thing to know BEFORE you move with kids
How to GET REAL with your dream and hang onto your cash
What your realtor CAN'T tell you
How the best way to say "hello" is to say "goodbye" to your old home

"Most people lack the support and resources when it comes to finding the right place to live," Rosenbaum explained. "They're tight on money, and don't want to waste thousands of dollars flying back and forth to check out a new area. Relocation services and realtors focus on the physical aspects of moving, such as requisitioning movers, or home buying; destination services are too late in the process to be helpful."

That's where Homeward Bound is different, Rosenbaum said. "My program focuses on the 'soft side' of moving, and coaches relocators on how they can find where to live and how to transition themselves and their kids in their new home. Homeward Bound's formula is effective, safe, and guaranteed to be the least expensive way to relocate so that you can seize opportunity and own your destiny, wherever that leads you."

Ten years ago when Mare Rosenbaum created her highly personalized one-on-one services, no one had heard of this approach before. Then she created her Best LifeTM methodology, knowing that ROI is enormous when you fit the relocation to the employee and family's needs, values, cultural lens and lifestage.

Mare Rosenbaum is one step ahead, yet again. While everyone else is playing "catch up" she's already on to what's next for the relocation industry: personality-based relocation.

About Mare Rosenbaum
With 23 moves under her belt, Rosenbaum has figured out how to find "home" in a completely new area in days, not months, that always fits her lifestyle and ideals. She's taken her unique methodology to Fortune 50 to 500 companies, helping relocate hundreds of employees and families, including C-levels. This led to the creation of Homeward Bound, a program for people who need to move for new job or who just want to start over in a new place.

From the hassle of figuring out a new location to moving costs, it's no wonder 29% of movers would not relocate frequently even when given $10 million to do so! Homeward Bound is out to change that, helping people "land softly" when they move.

The cost of the program is $499. Individual modules can be purchased for $199.

For more information, visit the website here

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