Personalized Music by Mood? There's an App for That, ALISSIA, Powered by AI


Munich, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/14/2019 --Users who are fond of saying, "Hey Alexa," are now likely to find themselves saying, "Hey Alissia, play me something to suit my mood today." Cue: A hundred songs, streaming through the AI-powered app ALISSIA, giving users the chance to not only discover new music but move through their day with a soundtrack so completely personalized and attuned to their emotions, it will feel like an accompanying cinematic score.

In the way that smartphones and smart devices can calibrate "steps" or location, ALISSIA harnesses the device's native capabilities together with AI-powered technology to "calibrate" moods and then give suggestions finely tailored to this "mood", on an ongoing basis.

And thanks to simultaneous advents in technologies like the interconnected "IoT" or the "Internet of Things", artificial intelligence and wearable devices (think, Google Glass and Apple Watch), the expectations that users have of their smart devices are changing rapidly. ALISSIA is not only meeting those demands, but doing so at an early stage of adoption when other, similar players are still thin on the ground. This, besides ALISSIA's user-centric features, will be its greatest credit as the app moves from its expected launch in primarily European markets to North America and then on to global expansion and adoption.

ALISSIA's popularity so far in countries like Germany and the UK is no surprise. The result of its streamlined, user-focused UX and UI design, smooth screen transitions, and hyper-personalized suggestions that constantly "read" the user and respond in kind is a uniquely personal music experience.

"Music with ALISSIA accompanies me all day," says one beta user. "From early morning, 'til late in the evening." Another user comments, "With ALISSIA, I keep discovering new songs from genres I didn't even suspect I could like."

And since users are agents of change, human as they are, ALISSIA's music streaming experience offers a choice of unlimited music chosen from a vast compendium of lesser known and popular tracks, never-ending in their flow. This means that users are not limited to the confines of a pre-determined playlist.

The first six months of the ALISSIA launch will be by invite only. The creators of the app plan to open up the first phase of release to artists, labels and other related music brands. These invite codes will then be handed over to fans and customers of these brands and labels. However, once the app passes this timeframe, it plans on making its subscription-based model available to the general public.

Plans for its Germany launch in April of 2019 and a Q2 2019 launch in the UK will focus on user acquisition. Its goals are to expand to a new country the moment 10,000 users adopt subscriptions for the ALISSIA Radio service. The Kickstarter campaign for ALISSIA radio encourages users to take advantage of the launch because they'll be eligible for invite codes as well.

There are several tiers of backing that users can get involved with during the Kickstarter campaign. At its highest level, a pledge of €50 or more, users will receive a one-year subscription to ALISSIA Radio. They're also entitled to 10 invite codes. Users can also purchase access for multiple devices for only €1 extra. Users not quite yet ready to make the jump and who are interested in testing the app and service first can opt for less hefty commitments: a €15 pledge for a 3-month subscription or €30 for a 6-month subscription. The fees on ALISSIA's pricing model work to keep the app ad-free, keep data privacy intact, and allow the creators to onboard a greater number of artists and labels by covering licensing fees.