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Pests Are Becoming More Resistant to Pesticides

Pests are becoming more and more resistant to pesticides, meaning that both businesses and consumers should choose something else with which to solve their bed bug infestations.


Purcellville, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/15/2016 --The rate at which we use pesticides is making pests such as bed bugs as well as other insects more and more resistant to them, which is something with serious consequences for a wide range of sectors. As a result, both businesses and consumers should use something other than pesticides as the solution to their bed bug infestations, both to ensure thorough results and to protect the usefulness of pesticides.

Pests are becoming more and more resistant to pesticides for a simple reason. In short, the use of pesticides kills the most susceptible members of a pest population, meaning that the survivors have a higher chance of passing on whatever genes that enabled them to survive. As a result, repeating rounds of exposure to a particular pesticide means that a pest population becomes more and more resistant until eventually they are so resistant that the particular pesticide is no longer useful against them. This is something that is particularly problematic because resistance to one pesticide can mean resistance to related pesticides in some cases.

There are solutions that can be used to get around such resistances, but each one has its own potential problems. For example, saturating a setting with more of the pesticide can sound like the simplest and most straightforward solution, but it tends to have low chances of success because the uneven distribution of pesticides means that there are always safe spots. Even worse, a high concentration of pesticides isn't just dangerous to pest but also to humans as well as our shared environment.

Instead, both businesses and consumers should consider the use of something like Environmental Heat Solutions' heat-based method, which promises reliable results with none of a pesticide's side effects. Better still, this extends the usefulness of pesticides further and further into the future by cutting down on their use, meaning that they will still be here when we really need them.

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