Pet Fashion's PawVogue Expands Market by Blogging and Radio Show

PawVogue launches a Blog site with two Blog Sections. Paw Posts are for pet fashion news. events, Designers and "Vogue" pet products.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/19/2013 --PawVogue expands it's pet fashion reach to consumers by adding two new distribution methods. As many Marketing Industry experts are telling companies, you need to ensure your customers feel part of your family. (company) Two recommended methods are blogging and radio show/podcast.

PawVogue had already started their Pet Life Radio Show in 2012, Paw Talk Show, PawVogue with Cuba America's Top Dog. Each show they have a special guest. The guests range from Fashionistas, Pet Fashion Designers and Experts in the dog world, such as this week's show with Andrea Arden. They just completed their 16th show and all shows can be downloaded from Itunes or other major media companies. However, if you listening to a show and near a computer go to Paw Talk Show as they build a web page for each guest so listeners and see photos or film of products/designs being discussed.

Bob Shaughnessy, owner of PawVogue and Cuba his Havanese are the hosts of the show and they have had great reviews for being so natural on the show and having great guests. Some background on PawVogue. The concept of PawVogue was established in 2011 first to help the Pet Fashion Designers meet other Pet Fashion Designers and form the first type of organization which allowed them to share ideas and help each of their business grow. a. The end of 2011 it was time to introduce the top pet fashion consumers to the market. Since Bob Shaughnessy had a great many dog owner contacts around the world by running a private dog social site for 4 years and his Havanese having won numerous awards with thousands of friends on FB, they were able to reach out to all the people who loved Pet Fashion. So, PawVogue had an instant fan base.

The PawVogue portal was active with updates and social media but after attending the Blog Paws Conference this past Spring, Shaughnessy decided that was a great way to keep interaction with both the Designers and the Fans by doing daily blog posts.

The Blog has some static pages but it centers around two Blogs, PAW POSTS and PAW SIX. PAW POSTS blogs are about all things pet fashion related, Pet fashion news, trends, designers, events, etc.

PAW SIX- is mostly about the Dog Fashionista community. Some of the posts are serious and many are just fun. So, who will be in PAW SIX today, is a question asked by many.

PawVogue also started a "Vogue" product review section. These are recommend unique pet products that have been seen or tested by PawVogue.

PawVogue also categorizes Pet Fashion Designers in 3 different categories. Elite, Gold, and New. Elite and Gold again are verified by PawVogue they have seen the Designers work and it was very good. As many new pet fashion consumers enter this industry they requested some type of rating system.

You will also find PawVogue on Facebook, Twitter, of course if you wish to follow the Famous Spokesdog of PawVogue, Cuba the Havanese, his Cuba Facebook

Since PawVogue's Blog is new they are now offering great packages to both Designers and "vogue" products who wish to join the Blog.

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