Petal Aroma Creates Plant-Based Pearls to Naturally Fragrance the Home and Office


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/11/2016 --An innovative company from Boston has created a new, plant-based air freshener that looks set to put an end to harsh chemical deodorizers in the home, office, and workspace. Petal Aroma has created a range of attractive, scented pearls, which are made from plant-based essential oils derived from raw botanical sources, and natural aromatic extracts. The pearls, which are available in five different scents and colors, release delicate aromas into the atmosphere, banishing unpleasant odors organically. Anyone interested in adding fragrance to their living space using a method this close to nature can find out how to sample the product on Crowdfunding Platform, Kickstarter.

Petal Aroma Pearls are currently available in lemon, vanilla, rose, lavender, and sandalwood, and there are plans to extend the aroma catalog further. To use them, simply place a handful or two of the marble-like pearls into a bowl, glass, or similar holder. The pretty beads, some of them clear and some of them tinted according to the chosen scent, release their gentle smell to create a beautifully calming aroma. The pearls shrink as the aroma is released, lasting between one and five weeks depending on the depth and opening size of the container.

Made from high-quality botanical ingredients and suitable for any room in the house or office, the non-toxic pearls could well replace unsightly plug-ins, messy bowls of potpourri, and dangerous or damaging candles or oil burners.

The designers of Petal pearls recognize that the human sense of smell is extremely powerful. Scent can uplift mood, focus concentration, encourage relaxation, and evoke certain emotions or memories. Made from plant-based essential oils and natural aromatic extracts, the hand-crafted pearls are a perfect addition, or finishing touch, to any area. ''We are passionate about aroma as interior design,'' explained the creators. ''(our Pearls) let you create ambient room scents without the overbearing artificial and harsh chemicals found in today's synthetic air fresheners.''

Anyone who is interested in natural alternatives for adding fragrance to their home, work, or living space, is encouraged to find out more on Kickstarter now, with delivery being estimated for May 2016. Donors are also encouraged to suggest and vote for new scents and will be offered exclusive access to the catalog.