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The Vet the World Trusts Dr. Al Plechner Shares Pet Tips and New Book

Dr. Al Plechner has been the vet the world trusts for over 50 years of veterinarian practice with all kinds of animal patients that owe their life to his skills and willingness to go the extra mile to find the cause of their illness even when others had given up on them.


San Bernardino, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/06/2012 --Pet owners looking for the best advice on how to choose their pet, vaccinations, which food to buy, the importance of mineral supplements, how to deal with saying goodbye, and what to do if you pet is sick will find it all in Dr. Al Plechner’s new book “Fifty years of Healing: Dr. Plechners perspective on a half century of curing animals many had given up on.”

Dr. Plechner is a veterinarian with over 50 years of experience. His patients have spanned a wide range of the animal kingdom and called him to many parts of the world for help. Owners ask specifically for Dr. Plechner because of his excellent skills that go beyond everyday veterinarian medicine. His compassion for animals runs deep and has pushed him to find answers to their suffering when it seemed there was none.

That is the continuing theme through all his books, but in his new book the culmination of all of his work has been put together in an easy to read reference that provides not only quality information on the basics of owning a pet, but includes a special section for those struggling with a pet that doesn’t respond to medical treatment.

Anyone can learn a lot working one job for 50 years, but how much you learn is determined by how much you want to learn. Dr. Plechner has been unrelenting in his search to find ways to increase the chances of survival for many types of animals by better understanding what is happening to them. He has approached his most challenging cases with an open mind and a willingness to look past standard care to find out what was “causing the problem” and not just treat the symptoms.

Dr. Plechner did “go a looking” and found some interesting abnormities in his most challenging patients. Once he started evaluating blood tests with new eyes after all else had failed, he started seeing a pattern in these cases and used his medical experience to develop a new standard of treatment. After awhile this treatment become known as “Plechner’s Syndrome.”

Pet owners with animals that had suffered for years in pain, sometimes with terrible allergies that would leave them sick, weak, or itching uncontrollably to the point of making themselves bleed would be willing to try treatment after treatment looking for the answer to relief for their beloved family member. Some pet owners have spent thousands of dollars in their quest to find the answer. Larger animals such as horses can cost even more.

Imagine their gratitude when they would find Dr. Plechner and finally have an answer to end the suffering. With some specific blood tests, prescription drugs, and diet recommendations he has been able to turn around the lives of thousands of animals.

“My protocol for testing for Plechner’s Syndrome is something that can be done by any veterinarian, but most do not analyze blood tests and look these specific markers to identify whether there is an increase in certain hormones. This test can have far reaching implications and can even determine whether your animal will be protected after vaccination or not. If an animal is not able to make the antibodies from the vaccination, they could easily get a highly contagious disease such as Paarvo or distemper and possibly die.”

Paarvo is a deadly disease that can kill a dog in a couple of days after exposure. Treatment to save the dog after they have gotten sick can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

According to Dr. Plechner, these high hormone levels, which are usually accompanied by high levels of inflammation, can be the cause for several other diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. “The good news is that we can identify the problem through a blood test, and then work to correct the cause from there. If we are treating the cause, and not just adding a Band-Aid to a problem, the patient can have recovery.”

During his interview with Smart Health Talk host Elaine McFadden, MPH, RD, he even discussed how his discoveries could help humans suffering from allergies and many other health problems. Elaine has invited Dr. Plechner to return to the show to discuss in more detail how “Plechner’s Syndrome” works in the body, how it can be identified, and the possible courses of treatment.

Until then there is an entire page dedicated to Dr. Plechner and his work with animals on the webpage that includes his Smart Health Talk radio interview, a video of Dr. Plechner giving an exam and interview from the animal hospital, link to his website, and information about his past books and his new book coming out in a couple of weeks.