Pharmaceutical Expert Met Ausmetics and Shared Ideas on Skincare

They shared ideas on baby and pregnant-care products to seek improvement


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/13/2019 --On April 15, 2019, Ausmetics held an exchange meeting with an industry expert regarding the design of specific products for baby and pregnant-care. The meeting aimed to overcome difficulties faced by these two particular groups when using skincare products such as sun cream and stretch mark cream.

Ausmetics is a China-based enterprise with 20-years experience in developing, designing and manufacturing cosmetics OEM and ODM. It focuses on organic and natural skincare products, which have attracted not only consumers but also partnerships with international corporates, such as IKEA, Mannings and Watsons. Ausmetics' recent activities on the global market with quality and sustainable product supply also earned them multiple certifications in related industries, such as the Certification of High-Tech Enterprises.

Jadir Nunes attended the meeting as the industry leading expert and technical advisor for Ausmetics. Mr Nunes has developed his professional career in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry for over 37 years. He served companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Stiefel/GSK, and has recently been elected as the President of the Brazilian Cosmetology Association.

During the meeting, two specific product ranges were discussed, which are 'baby skincare' and 'pregnancy skincare'. For baby skin, he mentioned that the baby's skin is not entirely developed at birth. The skin barriers will keep growing during the first year of life. For this reason, there is certain attention that the company needs to pay. Babies have specific characteristics with their skins, including higher skin hydration level but less water-holding capacity, a lower amount of surface lipids, and immature skin barrier function. Ausmetics' product design should focus on supplementing these areas to serve this group better.

The meeting also pointed out five primary unfavourable conditions from the environment that babies should avoid. They are contact and absorption of irritants, friction, dehydration, change in cutaneous bacterial flora, and sunburn. Ausmetics will aim to eliminate all harmful conditions for babies via their natural skincare products.

As for pregnancy products, 'hormonal changes' was the core topic in the discussion. During the pregnant period, women's skin conditions are different because of the influences of several hormone changes. Their average weight can also increase from 9 to 13 kg, which can cause:

- Stretch marks;
- Brown spots;
- Acne eruption;
- and more.

Mr Nunes also pointed out that, in developing the skincare products for this segment of consumers, certain chemicals must be avoided. For example, Retinol in moisturisers and serums, as well as Hydroquinone and Salicylic Acid in skin lightening products should not be used. Natural ingredients are recommended including Chamomile, aloe vera, and grapeseed extract.

The session delivered by Mr Jadir Nunes provided some valuable insights for Ausmetics to improve their products further and serve the global consumers. Their efforts in producing natural skin care products may bring breakthroughs to the current market.

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Ausmetics Daily Chemicals is a China-based enterprise in Guangdong with 20-years experience in developing, designing and manufacturing cosmetics OEM and ODM. Its focus relies on researching baby-care and skin care products with natural, organic and cosmeceutical elements. These products have attracted not only consumers but also partnerships with global corporates. Ausmetics has strict standards and massive production capacity to meet market demand. The firm's recent activities on the worldwide market with quality and sustainable product supply also earned them the Certification of High-Tech Enterprise as well as the Certification of Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Institutions.

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