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Philadelphia Immigration Court Grants Asylum to Afghan Translator Who Provided Valuable Assistance to US Forces


Easton, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/29/2015 --The Philadelphia Immigration Court granted asylum November 9 to an Afghan citizen whom the Taliban had threatened due to his work as a translator for both the U.S. military and the Afghan National Army.

The asylee, whose identity is not being released for security reasons, worked for several months at Afghanistan military bases in 2009 and 2010. Taliban officials began to threaten the man after discovering he was working for the United States and other Western military forces. He received written death threats, and Taliban officials raided his home and kidnapped his brother, torturing him for several days before letting him go. The Taliban also kidnapped the asylee's young cousin, who remains missing to this day.

The asylee's mother and siblings have moved from their home and have not told him where they are currently living out of concerns for their safety.

The decision from the Philadelphia Immigration Court provides the asylee with the safety and security he needs after giving invaluable service to the United States.

"This has been a long and very difficult process for everyone involved," said William Menard, the asylee's attorney and a member of the law firm of Baurkot & Baurkot. "Asylum applicants must prove that they fear persecution in their country of origin based upon their race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a social group. This burden is difficult to meet. We reviewed countless documents in this case, spoke with experts and military personnel and conducted an in-depth review of the Taliban and the current conditions in Afghanistan. We needed to examine every angle."

Although this process was enormously challenging, Menard says it was well worth the effort to protect an individual who had provided key assistance to U.S. and Afghan military personnel.

"If there's anyone who deserves asylum protection in the United States, it is this individual," said Mr. Menard. "He assisted the American and European armed forces in Afghanistan as they worked to protect our national security, and he risked his life to do so. He helped protect our freedom, and now our immigration system had the opportunity to protect him. My client and I are thrilled with this result, and we are very happy that he will be able to live a safe and productive life here in America."

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