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Philips Master Value GU10 LEDs from Receive More Positive Feedback


Rochdale, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2018 --The downlights featured at have all been tested when it comes to performance and overall quality, but one brand is particularly popular: Philips. And one of the more popular Philips products, the Philips Master Value GU10 LED, has recently received more praise as well. has always based its service on the satisfaction of its customers, and this is why it continues to provide numerous customers in the UK with only the best-rated products on the market, particularly when it comes to LED downlights. But although offers a wide variety of lighting products and supplies which include the above-mentioned LED downlights plus LED wall lights, LED bulbs, under-cabinet LED lights, commercial LED lights, outdoor LED lights, and more, there is one brand and product which has garnered some recent praise from customers: the Philips Master Value GU10 LED.

The Philips Master Value GU10 LED is on offer at for only £5.15 with VAT, and this already brings its price down from the original £20.44, giving customers up to 79% off in savings. But the 4.9W LED bulb, which is dimmable, also has an array of features which make it ideal for many lighting installations and systems.

The Philips Master Value GU10 LED is one of the latest installments from the range of Philips Master Value lighting products, and it is known for its high performance as well as its low price and its low energy consumption. In fact, the Philips Master Value GU10 LED has a lower energy consumption than a standard halogen bulb of 50 watts, and it is not only dimmable but comes in three kinds of colour temperatures as well: from dimtone to warm white and cool white.

Customers who have acquired the Philips Master Value GU10 LED from have plenty to say about its performance and quality. Some recent reviews applaud the product's features and versatility. One review from a customer, who gave the product 5 stars, says: "Great value GU10 LED, has high CRI and dimtone. Technically, this is one of the best GU10 LEDs around and it's a bargain for the features you get."

Another customer praises the product, saying: "For lighting – anyone who wants lower electricity bills – really good, Philips (is) worth paying more for." Yet one more customer has positive feedback as well: "With the right dimmer, these look better than halogens and use a fraction of the power. Perfect."

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