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Philly's Slip and Fall Attorneys Are Helping Clients Injured at Big Box Stores Win Court Cases

A Philadelphia law firm that specializes in slips and falls as a result of employee negligence, this week announced they are offering legal counsel and support to all clients that slip, fall, and hurt themselves at big box locations due to employee ignorance today.


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/14/2018 --"We are a full team of lawyers for slip and fall accidents, providing support and peace of mind to individuals that have been hurt and shaken up due to employee negligence," said Kim Alegant, Founder and Partner of Alegant Law Offices. "We want to hold big box businesses accountable for their consumer experience, and that starts with retribution for the rampant negligence detectable throughout the stores."

Recent news headlines have highlighted the state and federal court success over employee negligence, with a $4 million settlement to Bill Waite who injured his eye at a big box location; a $1.3 million settlement to George Wallace who was permanently injured at the Bellagio; a $11.6 million settlement to Lorna Bernhoft who was paralyzed at the University of Pennsylvania; and a $10 million settlement to Holly Averyt who suffered debilitating back injuries in Colorado.

Philadelphia's Slip and Fall Attorneys provide services for common defenses to slip and fall accidents, sidewalk slip and fall accidents, store slip and fall accidents, snow and ice ridges, slip and fall accidents as a tenant, and work accidents.

Asking clients to first consider if the store owner knew about the negligent condition, ignored it, failed to respond to warning, and did nothing to remedy the situation, the Philly law firm makes an infallible case to prove negligence in court.

"We can't stress how important it is to talk to an attorney after you have been injured at a big box location," said Ms. Alegant. "There are so many rules and formalities to navigate, which is where the experts come into the picture. Spread the word on our support for big box grievances, and do not hesitate to call our team immediately after a slip and fall."

On the law firm's website, the team recommends that all injured clients first and foremost document the slip and fall with photos, then seek treatment for injuries before pursuing the case. After ensuring one's health, it's time to start building a case and seeking rightful compensation for the injury on the business premise.

The Alegant Law Firm helps victims of slip and fall, trip and fall accidents and other personal injury cases in their fight for compensation against negligent defendants.