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Physical Chiropractic Becomes the First Facility in Tampa to Offer Whole Body Cryotherapy Service

Physical Chiropractic of Tampa Bay, a trusted facility known for their unique approach to injury care, is now offering Whole Body Cryotherapy service in Tampa. They are the first in this region to offer this latest and high-tech inflammation and pain reduction technique.


Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2015 --Physical Chiropractic is pleased to announce the introduction of Whole Body Cryotherapy, the latest form of Cryotherapy that offers extraordinary pain management benefits for the sports persons and athletes. With this service expansion, Physical Chiropractic earns the distinction of becoming the only facility in Tampa to offer this latest procedure. This popular injury care clinic is owned and managed by Dr. Tommy Rhee, an exponent of the latest chiropractic techniques utilizing hydrotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, active release techniques, Rebound diathermy and class IV laser therapy.

Cryotherapy is a technique that utilizes extremely low temperatures to heal the damaged tissues in the human body. This procedure is extensively used to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. Whole Body Cryotherapy involves the use of a cryogenic chamber and causes vasoconstriction of the vessel and blood is drawn towards the core where it is enriched with oxygen and nutrients. After stepping out of the Cryotherapy chamber, the body returns to vasodilatation and metabolic waste is flushed out.

Within the cryogenic chamber, the patients are exposed to a nitrogen gas-form that dramatically reduces the body temperature. Though the inner core body retains its normal temperature, the temperature of the skin may drop between 5 and 12 degrees centigrade. This sudden drop in temperature activates the immune system of the body and provides relief from painful or inflamed symptoms. The procedure is completely safe and painless.

Physical Chiropractic has a long tradition of serving Olympians, Ironman triathletes, Special Olympians, body-builders, NFL/NBA players, professional tennis players, water polo players, soccer players, and sports persons from many other disciplines. In the past, Dr. Tommy Rhee has been the official chiropractor for the UCLA track and field, women soccer and football teams.

Since Dr. Rhee introduced Whole Body Cryotherapy service in Tampa through Physical Chiropractic, the same has already been tried and tested with great satisfaction by the professional players from the popular teams such as Tampa Bay Lightning and Buccaneers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers superstar George Johnson thanks Dr. Tommy Rhee and Physical Chiropractic for their excellent service saying, "I used Whole Body Cryotherapy before my last game and I felt my legs fresh and ready to go! In fact, I was able to explode off the ball to get 2 sacks. I thank Dr. Rhee and Physical Chiropractic for Whole Body Cryotherapy. "

All-Pro NFL Vincent Jackson, also from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has used traditional ice baths in the past to recover. He now enjoys using Whole Body Cryotherapy with less repercussion and faster healing from intense training.

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Physical Chiropractic provides state of the art comprehensive care by utilizing chiropractic, soft tissue mobilization, rehab and patient education to eliminate symptoms, restore competitive function, and promote a winning lifestyle. Under the leadership of injury care expert Dr. Tommy Rhee, they have just started offering Whole Body Cryotherapy service in Tampa.