Pick the President with the Clash of Candidates Card Game

Hearthstone™ meets Magic: the Gathering™ meets this year’s most intense deathmatch – the 2016 US election. Choose your candidate, pick your deck and fight for the White House!


Manhattan, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/18/2016 --The 2016 presidential race has been a wild ride that shows no signs of slowing down. Crazy antics and scandal after scandal have riddled the race, providing genuinely entertaining highs and lows. With an election so crazy and so important, the public deserves a way to wade through the madness. This is where the new two-player strategy card game Clash of Candidates comes in. Clash of Candidates pits two candidates against each other in a brutal fight where the winner takes the White House!

Use the game to deathmatch Hillary and the Donald, or to enact all your fantasy match-ups in "what could have been" battles between Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio or Gary Johnson.

Agents like Celebrity Endorsers and Super PACs, or candidate tactics like Empty Promises can all boost your standings, or go negative and hit them hard with Twitter Wars, Negative Ads, Wild Accusations, and much, much more.

Even the strongest campaigns can be waylaid by unforeseen events, so strategic planning is essential. Whoever polls highest at the end of the game... wins!

A product of this nature requires a not insignificant amount of capital to roll out. To remedy this issue Clash of Candidates has taken to the polls, allowing the people to vote with their dollar through a crowdfunding campaign. Patrons will be treated to an early-access copy of the game.

About Clash of Candidates
Clash of Candidates was conceived by American Lauren Jarvis and Australian Alex Baird, who met while doing their MBAs at London Business School. Lauren provides the inside knowledge of the United States political scene through her experience in D.C. and research into the impact of the independent voting block. On the flip side Alex, a political science major, is able to provide an outside view, seeing the US presidential race as the best drama of the year.

To learn more or support the game visit the Kickstarter campaign page.