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Picky Pam at the Beach Gives Summer Camp Survival Tip: Pack Lice Shampoo

Lice Expert Offers 5 Must Know Tips For Busy Parents


Huntington Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/16/2015 --"We've seen over 8,000 people in my salon and the busiest time of the year is SUMMER because of all the camps and fun activities. When kids are playing and having fun, that's when they are much more likely to touch heads and spread lice," says lice expert Pam Skinner, owner of Picky Pam at the Beach, a lice removal salon in downtown Huntington Beach.

Lice is spread by 'head to head' contact. Estimated 40% of people itch! 60% of people with lice, don't feel a thing! They are spreading lice like wildfire...but they have no idea! Skinner offers 5 important myths & tips about lice:
1. Check for lice with Terminator Nit Free Comb! (less than 50% of people itch - it's allergic reaction to the saliva of bug).

2. Don't buy Rid or Nix at the pharmacy - they are very toxic, and the combs are cheap and don't work.

3. If a boy has lice – DON'T SHAVE HIS HEAD! Lice only need a millimeter of hair to lay eggs, when parents shave their son's head, it's almost impossible for us to get the eggs off.

4. Braid or bun hair! Lice love to climb onto a nice, long, clean piece of hair.

5. Use Absolute Clear Lice (Non-Toxic) Shampoo once a week before, during, and after camp.

About Pam Skinner
Pam Skinner is the owner of Picky at the Beach, a professional lice removal salon in Huntington Beach, CA. All natural products including the "Summer Camp Survival Kit" (shampoo & prevention spray in travel size bottles) are available on Amazon (bit.ly/licefreekids)

For more info visit: http://www.licefreekids.com

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