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FitFiz Studio Presents Vibro Pilates - a Unique Combination of Pilates and Vibration Training

A combination of pilates and vibration training promises to build overall health


Istanbul, TR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/12/2012 --FitFiz Studio has announced a breakthrough exercise program -Vibro Pilates. This program blends two different exercise techniques; pilates and vibration training to strengthen the body’s muscular and skeletal systems. The program takes a holistic approach towards weight training and focuses on specific parts of the body separately. The basic aim is to work out the skeletal and other muscles of the body.

All exercises mentioned in the program are safe and can be performed by all. In fact, Vibro Pilatestrainers claim that this is the most secure of all exercise regimes, and can be performed by all irrespective of age and fitness level.

As is popularly known pilatesare an excellent way of exercising and help in centering, concentration, control, sensitivity, breath, and flow. It helps in improving posture, flexibility of the spine, and also improves mobility. The system is known to make the body more efficient and support the structure of the cell. With continuous exercise people can experience durability on the hips and shoulders. It is known to give advanced mobility and improve the health of muscles that support the joints.

As for the Vibration technique, its advantages are well known. The concept was established by Russian scientists to help their cosmonauts stay healthy during their space journey. Today, it is popularly used by sportsmen and women. Researchers have found that the vibration training technique enhances speed, power, and causes muscle flexibility. The system can cause nearly 100 per cent of a muscle’s fibers to workout, as opposed to the 40-60 per cent workout that happens with other forms of exercise regimens.

A combination of both these is sure to be very beneficial for people looking to tone up their body and stay slim. “Vibro Pilates is just one of the different types of pilates and very helpful for the body. Among the other types of pilates includes reformer pilates, mat pilates, and pregnant pilates. Our trainers have undergone extensive training and can guide clients in the best possible maner” says the spokesperson for FitFiz. The studio is a pioneer in the field and comes with exercise programs aimed to help people lose weight and stay fit.

Istanbul based PilatesStudio FitFiz provides vibration training through various techniques including Vibro Pilates. Visit their website at