Pingtan International Marine Tourism and Leisure Sports Exposition 2017


Pingtan, Fujian -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/14/2017 --The second "Pingtan International Marine Tourism and Leisure Sports Exposition 2017" sponsored by Pacific Society of China, China Association of Oceanic Engineering, Island Research Center of the State Oceanic Administration, Management Committee of Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone, Fujian Provincial Department of Ocean and Fisheries will be held on June 2nd-4th 2017 in Fujian Pingtan Taiwan Duty Free Commodity Market Exhibition Center.

I. Background

On August 23th 2016, the State Council issued the "Approval of State Council on the Pingtan International Tourism Island Construction Program" and Pingtan officially became China's second international tourist island. Pingtan thus opened a new page of development.

As an international tourism island, Pingtan is rich in tourism resources and has great potential in developing marine tourism and marine leisure sports. At the same time, Pingtan has unique location advantages, as it is the closest place from mainland China to Taiwan Island and is an important window for economic, trade and cultural exchanges in the southeast coastal area of China.

The first "Pingtan International Ocean Leisure Sports Exposition" (hereinafter referred to as the "exposition") was held in Pingtan successfully in June 2016. To further promote the development of Pingtan International Tourism Island, the second exposition to be held in 2017 will bringing in marine tourism element, and named as "Pingtan International Marine Tourism and Leisure Exposition". Based on the success of the first exposition, the exposition in 2017 will be more international and professional, seeking for greater breakthrough and innovation.

II. Organization


Pacific Society of China
China Association of Oceanic Engineering
Island Research Center of the State Oceanic Administration
Management Committee of Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone
Fujian Provincial Department of Ocean and Fisheries

Supporting Units (estimated)

China Tourism Association
World Tourism Organization of the United Nations
South Pacific Tourism Organization
China Recreational Angling Association
Chinese Motor Boat Association
Chinese Institution of Navigation
Fujian Fishing Association
Leisure Diving Association of Fujian Province
Chinese Ocean Photographers Association
Taiwan Cross-Strait Friendship Exchange Association
Taiwan Ocean Leisure Sports Development Association
Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Of Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone


Marine Exhibition Research Branch of Pacific Society of China

Implementing organizer

Beijing ZRT Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Fujian Ocean Media Center
Fuzhou Zhiguang Culture Media Co., Ltd., Pingtan Branch

III. The exhibition time: from June 2nd to June 4th, 2017

IV. The exhibition scale: 12,000 square meters

V. The exhibition site: Fujian-Pingtan Taiwan Duty Free Commodity Market Exhibition Center

VI. Exhibition areas planning:

1. Marine tourism exhibition area

1) Tourism resources area:

Scenic spots in coastal area, historical sites, ocean parks, theme parks, hotels, residential, civil customs, domestic and foreign tourism bureaus, tourism associations, travel agencies, theme tourism, airlines, tourism information equipment, tourism planning and design, tourism media, travel group-purchase website, etc..

2) Tourist commodities area:

Crafts, specialties, special tourist souvenirs, tourism and leisure health care food (such as organic food, health care products, etc.), sports protection food, energy supplement food, anti-fatigue functional food, sports functional food and beverages, etc..

2. Marine recreational sports exhibition area

1) Boating sports areas: Yachts, leisure boats, high-speed boats, rowing boats, fishing boats and equipment, business communication boats; sailing boats, sailboard, motor boats, canoes, rubber boats, hovercraft and relevant devices and equipment; water skiing, surfing, diving and water sports products and equipment, etc..

2) Outdoor equipment area: Surfing, diving, outdoor sports clothing, sports shoes, jackets, suits, surf riding clothes, swimsuit, goggles, diving suits, surfing suits, outdoor clothing; outdoor glasses, tents, water bottles, mats, accessories, flashlights, communication and navigation equipment; leisure hammock, sun tents, folding tents, beach umbrellas, folding buckets and other outdoor leisure supplies.

3) The RV recreational area: camping cars, car trailers, sports cars and motorcycles (outdoor exhibiting area).

3. Virtual reality display area: VR+ tourism, games, entertainment experience, panoramic shooting, sports experience, virtual simulated golf, virtual surfing and virtual cycling, etc..

VII. Media publication

National media: China Central Television, Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, People's Daily, China Daily, China Youth Daily, China Ocean News and Pacific Journal.

Local media: Fujian Daily, Fujian TV Station, Fuzhou TV Station, Fujian People 's Broadcasting Station, Fujian Economic Radio Station and Pingtan TV Station;

New media:,, Chinese economic net(,, phoenix net,,,, Chung hua Times, Strait Herald, CRI Online, Chinese Island network, Chinese travel network(,,,, Yachts Online Chinese,,,,,,,,,,, Baidu VR, 17173VR, 99VR, VR home etc.

VIII. Contact information
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