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Pivot Tables in Excel Presents a Simple and Clear Guide to Using Pivot Tables


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/14/2014 --The website Pivot Tables in Excel has released a tutorial that seeks to show how to best make use of Microsoft Excel’s Pivot Tables for optimum results.

The publishers have clearly shown why Pivot Tables are one of the most useful and efficient functions in Excel.

The motivation to create this tutorial is driven by the realization that most professionals at the workplace interact with too much data but are not aware of the easiest way to summarise this data in order to narrow down to the ‘big picture’ for presentation to the top management of their companies. It is always important to know that most managers may really not be so much bothered with the tiny details of every stage of any project. Many managers want the big picture and they want it presented in the simplest of ways so it actually saves their time. If it is sales reports, they want an excellent summary of how the various products and services are performing.

The tutorial is presented in a step by step format, suitable for beginners. Diagrams have also been used extensively to ensure that every point is understood clearly. All diagrams used by the publishers of this tutorial are in the form of screen shots, which makes the tutorial even much more practical because anyone can follow the real life examples used.

There are seven steps in total for the tutorial, with the final step dedicated to outlining the results section. This is essentially where one gets to view the simplified results or summary of the huge data that has already gone through the Excel Pivot Tables. The fact that there is an easy to understand screen shot for every stage makes the tutorial one of the best, if not the very best, that can ever be created on the topic of Excel Pivot Tables.

About Pivot Tables
Unknown to many professionals, Pivot Tables In Excel provide the simplest way to summarise large amounts of data in Excel. These tables essentially allow users to concentrate on key insights derived from the enormous raw data they feed into Excel. Pivot Tables are very instrumental when it comes to presenting crucial reports to Managers in the workplace. Understanding how to best utilize pivot tables is a valuable skill to have, especially as a working professional.

More information is available at http://pivottablesinexcel.com/

About Pivot Tables In Excel
Pivot Tables In Excel (http://pivottablesinexcel.com) is a website that is committed to illustrating how to best use Pivot Tables without struggling. It presents a step by step procedure that includes clear diagrams for every task that is illustrated. The example used is very simple and basic, making the tutorial friendly both for the beginners as well as advanced users of Excel Pivot Tables.