Pixlr Genesis

Pixlr Announces Pixlr Genesis, a NFT-Based Movement to Build the World's Largest Decentralized Art Museum on the Metaverse


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/25/2021 --Pixlr, one of the world's most popular design and photo editing ecosystems, now introduces Pixlr Genesis, a movement to build a 100% decentralized art museum on the metaverse to rival the Louvre, MOMA and National Gallery.

Pixlr Genesis aims to empower creators and art owners to display 10,000 pieces of NFTs to the entire world in a crowdsourced museum. In addition, Pixlr Genesis NFT pass holders will gain exclusive access to premium NFT art drops, NFT-related tools as well as the opportunity to network with fellow art enthusiasts.

10,000 Exclusive Passes
Each NFT pass allows one piece of art to be displayed within Pixlr Genesis. Each pass represents a choice on what to display, how to invest secondary royalty funds and where to focus the community's attention.

1. Art Connoisseur: Become a patron of arts within the NFT space. Pixlr Genesis NFT pass holders can play a critical part to nurture the second Renaissance.

2. One-of-a-kind NFT: A unique Pixlr Genesis NFT pass where each has a cryptographically hashed connection to the next NFT.

3. Premium Access: All Pixlr Genesis NFT passes grant exclusive access to new community airdrops for additional collections.

4. Exclusive Tools: Pixlr Genesis NFT pass holders will also have access to Pixlr tools for creating NFT-based experiences and community.

Pixlr Genesis will consist of a full ecosystem to define new boundaries of art and intellectual property.

1. PIXLR Gallery: A decentralised art gallery for the ages to showcase NFTs owned by the 10,000 members. Display your collections.

2. Pixlr Auction: Put your art piece on auction in our FAIR system without the high fees.

3. PIXLR Masterpiece: A Masterpiece based on the 10,000 art pieces on display will be commissioned every six month and be time-stamped for records.

4. PIXLR Mint: A system to allow easy minting of NFTs within Pixlr Genesis to empower creators from around the world.

5. PIXLR Community: Join and network with fellow art collectors and creators within a tightly knit community. Learn, grow and inspire each other.

Every single piece of Pixlr Genesis is unique and manually signed with a secret attribute. The 10,000 slots will be divided into five categories - with each having different benefits accruing over time.

PIXLR Grants
In addition, 25% of all Pixlr Genesis NFT secondary royalties in perpetuity will be reinvested in acquiring new art and building platforms to support new artists to grow the Pixlr Genesis Collection.

Future Community Drops
Five collections will be worked on for our future drops to owners of Pixlr Genesis. These collections will be dropped over the next 24 month period.

Launch Date
Pixlr Genesis NFT sale will start with the first 2000 passes being sold at 0.3 ETH for public sale on 1st December 2021, 17:00 PST, 20:00 EST / 2nd December 2021, 00:00 UTC, 08:00 SG.

The next phases will be sold with incremental pricing. There are 10,000 limited passes in total, but only 2000 NFT passes will be sold in each phase over five phases to ensure the galleries are refreshed with new curators and art pieces.

About Pixlr
Pixlr was introduced in August 2008 to enable everyone to create, edit and share images online with ease. Pixlr is a freemium platform leveraging AI and machine learning to revolutionize content creation. In 2020, Stock by Pixlr was launched to complement the Pixlr ecosystem with exciting content within its premium subscription service.

About Pixlr Genesis
A joint project between Pixlr.com and Phosus.com, Pixlr Genesis is a movement to build the world's largest decentralized art museum on the metaverse. It aims to provide exclusive access to premium NFT art drops, NFT-related tools as well as the opportunity to network with fellow art enthusiasts. 10,000 pieces of NFT art will be displayed publicly by the community to the entire world.

About Phosus
Phosus is a technology-based company specializing in image processing and editing, A.I. and blockchain technologies with its core technology adapted into products used by tens of millions of users monthly.