Pixoul, the Marketplace for Freelancers, Celebrates Its First Year of Business

Pixoul rapidly grows as it revolutionizes the way freelancers are hired.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2020 --One year ago, the company that revolutionized freelance work officially opened for business. Pixoul was launched by Devon Fata in May of 2019. As a former IT recruiter, product design professional, freelancer, and now as a startup founder, he understands the difficulties and pitfalls surrounding freelancing and growing a business. His approach to Pixoul was to build a community that could serve both startups and freelancers, mitigate risk, and ensure motivations and incentives remained aligned across freelance projects.

So what was the purpose behind starting Pixoul? Today, startups have a starting-up problem. Namely, they can't hire the talent they need without sacrificing equity or limited capital. Furthermore, finding truly qualified talent often makes this proposition even more difficult. Freelancers also have some major problems in this marketplace—they don't have access to varied projects that produce income other than hourly rate work on a project-to-project basis. This pattern isn't sustainable long term.

Pixoul is an online marketplace that connects startups with top tier freelance tech talent for revenue shares. By utilizing revenue-sharing, Pixoul mitigates risk entirely away from startups. Startups only pay when they generate money. Pixoul is also mitigating risk away from freelancers by using risk multiples (essentially increasing their hourly rate) to help ensure a fair risk/reward ratio. In either case, freelancers and clients apply to join the Pixoul network and must be vetted as top-tier freelancers or highly-viable startups before they're accepted.

These were some of the problems founder Devon Fata saw with freelancing and new businesses:

"As a recruiter, I saw just how difficult it was to attract the right talent at the right time—after all, major recruitment firms have built their entire book of business trying to do just that. In the end, it was obvious to me that the struggle to find last-minute candidates often crippled a firm's resources and flexibility.

"As a freelancer, I learned the difficulties of freelancing. Working with clients who were unwilling to pay fair wages (or unwilling to pay at all), was only half the battle. Marketplaces were often unwilling to support freelancers, and strict project-to-project work ensured this was a short-term option, not a viable career path. I also longed for a community where I could connect with like-minded individuals, discuss industry topics and trends, and learn from others.

"As a business owner, I realized the paradoxical nature of growing a startup—bootstrapping was the clear path toward funding, but completing a bootstrapped product required hiring talent with limited (or no) capital. Even if you manage to surpass this hurdle, funding is often a pipe dream for most startups, who don't have the capability, desire, or time commitment necessary to satisfy venture capital tycoons."

Pixoul was built as a single solution to address all of these market concerns:
- With a broad network of talent, Pixoul is constantly able to feed the perfect candidates toward startups who need their help.

- Pre-vetted freelancers are given the opportunity to participate in Pixoul's growing online community. Its unique revenue-sharing model gives their work a chance to pay dividends long after they've finished a project.

- Startups can work with Pixoul with no down-side risk. This frees them of the pressures of funding and gives them the chance to do what they truly desire—grow their business.

Today, Pixoul is growing its marketplace. While they prepare for the launch of their online platform, they're working every day to grow the freelancer network and the startups in their portfolio. Pixoul is building an entire ecosystem of products that will revolutionize the way freelancers operate within the economy, and how startups take their first steps toward building traction.

About Pixoul
Pixoul was launched in May of 2019. It originally started as a pre-vetted talent marketplace. Over time it has evolved into a rev share business.

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