Pizza Pocket Hoodie the First Sweatshirt That Can Carry a Slice of Pizza


Cherry Hill, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2019 --The Pizza Pocket Hoodie is the world's first hoodie that can cleanly hold a slice of pizza and keep it warm for hours. This patent pending hoodie became a "Projects We Love" just two hours after it was launched on Kickstarter on the morning of February 26th, 2019. The hoodie was created for those times where you wish you had a slice of pizza at the ready. The hoodie features a high quality screen printed pizza image on the chest and a zipper pocket that contains a removable, insulated, food-grade, washable pouch that can hold a slice of pizza and keep it warm for hours.

This innovation in apparel design was not only created to allow pizza enthusiasts to openly show their love for their favorite food, but was created for it's functional design allowing users to hold any other edible in the front zipper pocket, which also serves as a sure conversation starter. "The pouch was designed for a slice of pizza but can technically be used for any other food that it can fit." Said Mike H. creator of the Kickstarter campaign. The pouch can also be used separately as a pizza lunch box to conveniently carry your slices around without being exposed to the elements.

"Where was this invention when I needed it?" said Mike Pomranz a writer for Food and Wine Magazine, a leading worldwide cuisine publication.

For the first time ever, pizza enthusiasts can carry their slices wherever you go. "If you've ever wanted to take a slice of pizza with you when you're on the go, there is no better solution than the Pizza Pocket Hoodie. If you have never had this thought, then you're in the wrong place." Said Mike H, a college graduate who now holds an engineering degree and developed the hoodie from his parent's basement. While in development, Mike created ScrapTown USA, an instagram account that concentrates on satire and parody and is the social media persona behind this crowdfunding campaign.

Those interested to get more information about the Pizza Pocket Hoodie, can contact Mike at or visit the Kickstarter page at