Planet Moppet Curates Educational Content to Help Busy Parents


Glasgow, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2016 --Busy parents often struggle to find a balance when presenting educational content through technology. For example, tablets and computers are great for learning, but kids tend to be drawn to games that don't do anything more than teach them to click on blinking lights, or develop bad habits of watching TV and resisting all other activities. By curating content and distinguishing between fun games and content with more substantial value, Planet Moppet helps parents feel safe and secure with the content their kids consume.

The internet is full of content, and that content is rapidly changing and evolving. Because of this, parents may struggle to keep up with best online safety practices, or they may find it difficult to find consistent, authoritative information on whether or not a particular app or piece of content will provide value to their kids. Planet Moppet aims to take the guesswork out of this process, by helping parents find only the information and technology that meets the company's high standards. The platform will both catalog and curate content in a variety of presentations, including apps, courses, and eBooks, sorting them by use and by age appropriateness.

While the primary focus of Planet Moppet is on content created for children, adults will also find valuable information on parenting resources. With so many parents living away from their families, some mothers and fathers struggle to connect with individuals with more child-raising experience. Planet Moppet will also aim to address this experience gap by curating content which focuses on children at specific ages and key stages.

About Planet Moppet
Planet Moppet (PM) was founded with the educational needs of children and their parents in mind. As a one-of-a-kind, easy-to-use solution, revolutionary new source of useful information about children's education and their development from early stages. Planet Moppet has already been tested by a number of families to great reviews.

Laura Ban is the co-founder and CEO of PM. Laura is an entrepreneur with backgrounds in real estate, investment and finance, though she draws on her passion for helping children to create this new opportunity. She is working with Feodor Kouznetsov, a specialist in new business creation and building with whom Laura has a long-term working relationship.

Planet Moppet is being funded through a Kickstarter. Funding opportunities are available at a variety of levels that offer different benefits to the user. To learn more about Planet Moppet, its leadership team, or the associated Kickstarter.