Planters with a Purpose Launches a Sustainable Bamboo Vertical Planter to Homes Across the Country and Helps Provides Meals for US Food Banks


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/24/2018 --Bamboo is incredibly popular in home and garden design, thanks to its durability and beauty. The "Purpose" behind their design is to donate profits from the sale of each planter to provide 20 meals with major food relief organizations. With every 100 planters sold 2000 meals will be provided through the company.

Frank and Jennifer Simotics, the creators of Planters with a Purpose, have designed stunning planters made from bamboo. Each planter is made from a single stalk of bamboo with several holes placed throughout, where gardeners can grow herbs, flowers or just about anything in small spaces. Currently, the brand offers two sizes: triple and quad planters. Each planter can accommodate an additional plant at the top of the tower as well.

The company takes great care in choosing the bamboo to harvest to construct the planters. For now, all of the bamboo Planters with a Purpose are sourced from China, but it has secured an additional source in Colombia in case the demand outpaces the production capabilities in China. The company has outlined specific criteria with regards to the height, diameter and age of the bamboo to ensure that it is harvested in a sustainable manner.

These specifications also ensure adequate quality control. Because the planters are made from a natural material, each one is one of a kind. The planters average 4-5" in diameter and 36-48" tall.

Once the bamboo has been harvested, it is then dried so that it hardens, giving it lasting durability. Insect treatment and UV-resistant coating add to the durability, keeping the planter looking its best over the years.

Planters with a Purpose has already obtained a patent for the product and is ready to begin production. To fund the initial mass production run, the creators are launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on May 30th, 2018.

Campaign backers will be rewarded for their contributions with a series of prizes, depending on the amount of their pledge. The company is offering pre sales of their exclusive planters. Backers can get triple or quad planters for $49 and $59, respectively. Higher contributions earn packages containing multiple planters for community gardens. The company aims to begin shipping planters out to customers in the United States in July 2018.