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Plastic Surgery Marketing Consultants Share 5 Tips for Immediate RealSelf Success

Mandy McEwen is the founder and CEO of Mod Girl Marketing, a modern plastic surgery marketing consultancy. Many of her clients want to know how to get real leads and favorable reviews on RealSelf to boost their practice’s exposure online without delay, which she shares on her blog.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/20/2016 --For many patients, is the first stop in the search for a plastic surgeon or for information on a particular procedure. With over 77 million unique visitors per year, 1 million answers to frequently asked questions from board-certified doctors, and thousands of patient reviews, one can think of the site as Facebook-Meets-Yelp for plastic surgeons. Mandy McEwen, founder and CEO of Mod Girl Marketing, specializes in advising plastic surgeons how to grow their businesses online. She says she frequently fields questions about taking RealSelf profiles to the next level. McEwen recently published a blog detailing tips on how plastic surgeons can maximize their presence on RealSelf.

"For plastic surgeons who rock RealSelf, there is no denying the huge impact the site has on their leads," says McEwen. "Two out of three people surveyed said they booked a RealSelf surgeon after doing research on the site. That's nothing to sneeze at," she explains.

Some surgeons claim that as much as 60% of their business comes from social media and online advertising. McEwen explains: "Of all the major networks out there, we find that patients are more willing to share their stories anonymously on RealSelf, where they're in good company – rather than on Facebook where their grandma could be reading -- or Twitter, where their business contacts hang out."

The blog begins with a discussion of the benefits in signing up for a RealSelf PRO or Spotlight account. "There is no such thing as a free lunch on the internet,' McEwen says. "You have to pay to play on social networks these days if you want any genuine traction. On top of that, there is a time commitment in that you will need to answer some of the questions posed by the community to maintain your status, but the return on investment makes your effort worthwhile."

One of her clients posted a video on breast augmentation that became the most popular video on the site the week it debuted. "She couldn't have been happier," McEwen recalls, adding: "In a week's time, her wildly popular Snapchat video became a top referral source for out-of-town contacts booking consultations."

The blog also delves into ways surgeons can seek more favorable reviews without being too forward and address any unjust reviews that may be damaging to one's reputation. So be sure to visit the Mod Girl® blog for more free plastic surgeon marketing advice or to find experienced consultants who specialize in the medical field.

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