PlusUs Delivers Solution for Samsung & Apple Portable Devices


Perth, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/13/2013 --Problem: Samsung and Apple dominate over 50% of the global portable device market with their innovative and desirable products. Yet this innovation has not been extended to their 1 meter USB cables, which have mostly remained unchanged for years (with the exception of Apple’s lightning connector part). This one-size-fits-all approach forces users to carry their bulky cables with them in order to keep their devices charged on-the-go. These common cables fail to address the widespread demand for portable and storable cables -- for devices to be truly portable, they need a truly portable cable.

Solution: PlusUs, a startup founded by 3 innovators from Perth, Australia, has developed LifeLink (patent-pending) - a new class of cable that addresses the demand for portability and easy storage. The world’s thinnest cable, at only 2 credit cards thin, LifeLink is 70% thinner than Samsung’s and Apple’s cables. When stored, LifeLink is the length of a credit card, easily fitting in a wallet, purse or even a keychain. This gives users the peace of mind of having their Micro USB or Lighting cable with them at all times. With USB ports in cars, airplanes, at work, hotels, in TVs, tablets and even with battery banks, the LifeLink cable is a must-have companion to a smartphone and tablet.

LifeLink’s clever design allows it to double its length to 7 inches (180mm), longer than other compact cables allowing devices to be used while charging. LifeLink includes other innovations, such as the unique perforated design that increases flexibility for reaching into tight locations and a Teflon covered cable for superior durability.

After only 1 week, LifeLink exceeded its pre-order campaign goals. The cable is still available for pre-order for a limited time at for $19, after which it will retail for $24. Shipping is in early 2014. Helping the community: a portion of every LifeLink ordered will be contributed to a cause of the customer’s choice: help educate a child in Nepal, provide shelter for a family in India, or contribute towards building water wells in Ethiopia.

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