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Pocket Lens Announces a Special Valentine's Day Offer with 45% off Its 2-in-1 Macro and Wide-Angle Lens for iOS and Android Phones

Valentine’s Day is almost here and Pocket Lens is offering the romantic among us, a chance to make memories with its high-tech 2-in-1 wide-angle and macro lens, now discounted to just $13.99 on Amazon.com.


Paris, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2018 --Pocket Lens has announced an exclusive Valentine's Day discount of 45% on its handy 2-in-1 macro and wide-angle lens for iOS and Android phones. The Pocket Lens 2-in-1 lens is perfect for capturing professional close-ups of couples and it can also take wide-angle shots that fit memorable locations into the user's shots.

A spokesperson for Pocket Lens commented, "Think about the special moments that you want to remember forever with the people you love. Whether it's your prom date, adventures with your true love or making Valentine's memories, the Pocket Lens 2-in-1 will capture pictures that you'll love to look at for years to come!

"If you're anything like me you take most of your pictures with your phone, right? It's so easy just to snap a few shots off, but the quality can't match a traditional camera … or can it?

"Well frankly, yes it can! Snap on the Pocket Lens 2-in-1 and start taking clear, super-romantic close-ups and wide-angle location shots like a pro. So if you or the love of your life love to take great pictures, you've just found your new partner in pictures, the Pocket Lens 2-in-1!"

The Pocket Lens 2-in-1 lens can be clipped onto an Android or iOS mobile device in seconds. It allows users to take professional close-ups with the 10x Macro lens or to fit more into each shot with the wide-angle lens.

Pocket Lens' spokesperson went on to say, "As a company, we want to see the results that people are getting from our lenses. Valentine's Day is such a romantic occasion and we know that getting the perfect shot is important to you! Our amazing followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have already posted so many shots taken with the 2-in-1 lens in romantic locations around the world. We'd love to see yours!

"That's why we're offering the 2-in-1 lens for just $13.99 in the run-up to Valentine's Day on Amazon.com. We challenge romantics everywhere to try it out and post their most romantic photos on the Pocket Lens' Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels."

Until 14th February 2018, Pocket Lens is offering its 2-in-1 Macro and Wide-Angle Lens, suitable for any type of smartphone, with 45% discount on Amazon.com, after which the price will revert to the RRP of $24.99.

Claim yours now by visiting https://goo.gl/3T1HWA.

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