Polar Ice Ball 2.0 Makes Crystal Clear Ice for Stunning Drinks


Taipei, Taiwan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/19/2017 --A device for making crystal clear ice balls that enhances the taste of a cold drink rather than alter it, is now available on Indiegogo. Polar Ice Ball 2.0 makes four stunningly clear ice balls, or nine ice cubes when it is filled with water and placed in any household freezer. It can also be used to make show-stopping ice decorations by placing small objects inside the water to be frozen - such as flowers, fruit, or party decorations.

U-Cube Creative came up with the idea for Polar Ice Ball 2.0 when they observed how drinks that are bought in restaurants or bars taste better than those prepared at home. They realized that this came down to the ice used in the drinks. Ice cubes made in specialised ice-making machines are transparent and free from air bubbles and impurities that can have an affect on a drink's taste. After years of research and testing, they have come up with the latest version of a product that is inspired by the natural ice formation patterns that occur in lakes and rivers.

Polar Ice Ball 2.0 works by allowing water to freeze from the top of the device rather than the bottom. The upper silicone layer allows this to happen. During the freezing process, air bubbles and impurities are pushed downwards. The insulated layers at the bottom ensures that water doesn't freeze from the bottom up and will contain the opaque ice containing the bubbles and impurities that have come from above.

Polar Ice Ball 2.0 makes four balls of ice, measuring 4.5 cm in diameter at a time, and fits in any feezer. The food-safe silicone mold inside the device can be changed to another mold to make nine ice cubes measuring 3.5 cm in width. Users can place fresh flowers, vanilla, fruit, or a decoration inside each clear ice ball or cube for a novel effect. They are ideal for a romantic date, for Christmas, Halloween, a party or special occasion.

The result of using Polar Ice Ball 2.0 is ice that is as clear as glass and free from air bubbles and impurities. Flavorless and odorless, the ice is perfect for those who want to preserve the taste of their drink, be it whisky, scotch, a cocktail, or soft drink.

About U-CUBE Creative
U-CUBE Creative was founded in 2009. The team specialises in extraordinary ideas based on simple principles. The original Polar Ice Ball was finalized in 2015, and received warm support and encouragement from the crowdfunding community. Polar Ice Ball 2.0 is the latest version of the product and is made from high quality, food safe materials. All of U-CUBE's products are designed to enhance quality of life while incorporating an element of fun.