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NYPD Crowdfunding Campaigners Strike Balance Encompassing Enormity of a Tragedy


Laguna Niguel, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/06/2015 --The first weekend of 2015 saw an outpouring of emotion from people across all walks of life. The funeral of Wenjian Liu was held yesterday. He was one of two NYPD officers killed by a bullet from the gun of an angry crusader enraged enough to kill ANY police officer because of the behavior of some police officers. Rafael Ramos, his partner, was laid to rest the prior weekend.

Several events throughout the final months of 2014 brought to light issues of police brutality and problems with the confusing purpose and operations of many local Grand Jury systems in the United States. This skyrocketed to the top of our cultural memes one more politicized issue which deeply divides Americans.

Yet some Americans see through the stories which paint one side as good and one side as evil. One group, upon hearing of the murders of the two NYPD officers, vowed to support each tragedy equally in human terms.

This group of anonymous supporters of the two slain officers have created a campaign to support the families' of Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. All funds they raise go directly to the two families. Their campaign can be found on crowdfunding site e-cause, which specializes in issues related funding for those on all sides of cause.

The campaign for the families of the two officers can be found at

The founder of the group said of his crowdfunding campaign, "We had 2 police officers doing their job, who were cruelly and senselessly killed. They were murdered in the line of duty, working for us, working for all of us. They were good cops and kind people, with loving families. Now their families have to deal with a tragedy of this magnitude. A tragedy that is in the news with the spotlight on them while they are trying to grieve. It's so heartbreaking."

What is most interesting about this group of anonymous campaigners is that they were working on a campaign to raise funds to combat police brutality. The human tragedy of the two officers and the ordeal which their families continue to face caused them to re-focus on the NYPD officers' families. This doesn't mean that they have switched sides. They are also continuing to create their campaign to combat police brutality.

The founder went on to say, "Murdering police officers because the system is changing too slowly and then blaming it on the way the system works is eerily similar to terrorism. I was actually in the middle of creating an e-cause campaign to address police brutality when these officers were so brutally murdered so I switched my focus."

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