Polis Makes Revolutionary App Update and Launches Turf Cutting Functionality

Organizing Canvassing Efforts Just Got Easier and More Efficient


Cambridge, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/06/2018 --Polis recently announced their biggest and most revolutionary app update to date. The new update will allow for "Turf Cutting" functionality which makes organizing door-to-door effort more efficient and organized.

The new turf cutting tool allows users to set up turfs, or territories, and then assign those designated areas to door knockers.

Through the app, users will be able to look at a service area on a map, use the hand tool to designate a "turf" and then assign the area to specific canvassers. Once users have been assigned a turf, door knockers will receive a notification on their phone. After the notification is clicked on, door knockers can see their turf and start working on the assigned households.

From there, those working the territories can either use a map or list function to keep track of what takes place at each household. Door knockers will be able to quickly record what took place and continue to work in an orderly fashion.

This update also gives users the flexibility to manage past turfs and schedule future turfs as well as edit, assign, or reassign turfs as needed.

The turf cutting set-up process is simple and straightforward. In minutes, a door-to-door team will be working at a more efficient and organized pace than ever before. Users can still manage campaigns through the pin-drop technology, none of that has changed and users can still manage their work as they have always done.

About Polis
Polis is service used by door-to-door sales organizations (i.e. construction, solar, energy, home repair, retail, cable, insurance, etc.), non-profits, church groups and political campaigns. With Polis, you can automate logistics, data management and progress reports so your staff can spend more time in front of people and less time behind spreadsheets.