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Pool Owners Urged to Remove Climbable Vegetation


Penrith, New South Wales -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/19/2018 --According to NSW Government Fair Trading, "inadequate pool fencing remains a major contributing factor in the rate of drowning among children under 5 years of age." Even though there are strict regulations across Australia about requirements for adequate pool fencing to protect our young children, it appears that the requirement for a "non-climbable zone" can be difficult to meet, and here natural vegetation and neighbours are key factors.

One recurring safety concern is the danger of vegetation near the boundary fence. Trees, shrubs and other objects have to be taken into consideration when building a backyard pool and its surrounding fence. If the boundary fence forms part of the pool barrier it can potentially provide a climbable zone and point of access for neighbouring children if climbable objects such as trees are located near the fence. The purpose of the non-climbable zone is to prevent children climbing the barrier or using climbable objects near the pool barrier to access the pool. The question the arises on how to keep children safe on both properties by make the pool inaccessible to them.

Creating a non-climbable zone (NCZ) is actually not as complicated as it might appear, as the requirements take into consideration the height of the pool fence. The 900mm NCZ only applies to the outside of the pool area where the pool fence is less than 1800mm high. If the fence is more than 1800mm high, the NCZ can be located on the inside or the outside of the fence. In the case that neighbours have vegetation growing within the 900mm 'forbidden' zone, the pool owners simply need to ensure that:

- The dividing fence is at least 1800mm high, and
- There is a 900mm NCZ on their side of the fence

The NSW Government has in earlier years set out several specific measurement requirements of pool fences. These were based on the physical size of a young child's body and were designed to prevent young children from being able to squeeze under the fence or between any gaps in the fence. Key measurements to note are as follows:

- There must not be a gap at the bottom bigger than 10cm from the finished ground level
- There must not be any gaps greater than 10cm between any vertical bars in the fence.

Other requirements are in place to prevent young children from being able to climb over the fence. These state that the fence must be at least 1.2m high and that if it contains horizontal climbable bars, these must be spaced at least 90cm apart.

People living on properties with a swimming pool that does not have the required barrier are recommended to take action without delay. Licensed builders or pool fencing contractors in Sydney can help. Frameless pool fencing is becoming a popular alternative for people who are after a modern and elegant finish.

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