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Popular Sleep Myths Busted in New Best Mattress Brand Article

The subject of sleep includes many sensationalized factoids and half-truths; learn the truth behind some common myths with


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/23/2016 --Sleep has been a hot topic in the news for awhile now, with interesting studies coming out every month. However, this subject is also rife with oft-repeated sleep myths from pop culture that can actually do more harm than good when it comes to getting healthy rest.

The latest article from bed blog Best Mattress Brand tackles several of these myths, looking at the science behind the stories. Published September 23, the article is titled, "Getting Better Rest: Separating Sleep Myths from Facts."

In the post, editors cover 16 different topics, explaining which are myths, and sorting out the truth from the fiction using current studies. Rather than focus on the common sleep myths, this article targets 'common sense' misconceptions, misunderstandings on sleep disorders, areas of age, and others to provide useful information to their audience seeking better rest.

The first subjects include how much sleep an adult really needs (not always eight hours), how few hours one can eek by on, and how sleep needs change with age. The concept of weekend recovery sleep is broken apart, while sleep aids like counting sheep, television and supplements get a look as well. Other myths readers find out about include the value of naps and exercise, sleepwalker waking, and several others.

Find the full-length article on the Best Mattress Brand blog, along with recent guides to the top-rated bed brands in 2016, pointers for buying a bed online, and several other bed and sleep-related topics.

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