Porta-King Modular Offices Give Employers a Cost-Effective Space Solution


Earth City, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/11/2018 --Porta-King, a manufacturer of modular building systems, offers cost-effective solutions for warehouses, factories, or government facilities that require enclosed offices close to operations. Beneficial to workflow and productivity, these modular offices can be customized for size, security, noise reduction, and temperature control. Porta-King custom-designs these durable structures to each facility's specifications and installs them with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations. Features such as sound transmission class (STC) ratings and dB reduction are offered, ensuring that employees are protected from loud machinery. Modular rooms can be equipped with security features to limit access or visibility or installed with full HVAC units to keep employees comfortable. Plus, because materials are reusable, offices can be redesigned to meet changing site needs – and Porta-King redesigns them for free.

Two recent cases demonstrate the benefits of modular offices. Scott Air Force Base (SAFB), for instance, recently relocated an entire department. Because they had limited space in an older building, they needed a solution that would maximize the room they did have in a non-disruptive way. Porta-King planned mezzanine bays and modular offices that would accommodate a new layout in the original space. By retrofitting the building with new offices, they saved Scott Air Force Base the cost of building from scratch.

Another recent project demonstrates the way modular offices can protect sensitive equipment. At UC Berkeley, scientists called on Porta-King to design a modular structure that would house their Cyclotron, a piece of equipment that helps scientists manipulate protons, ions, and other energy particles in a lab. Staff at UC Berkeley needed both a secure space to house this delicate machine and a seismic resistant structure that would hold up to potential earthquake activity. To meet the needs of Berkeley scientists, Porta-King built a modular office on top of a concrete foundation, which would offer optimum protection.

With construction that is customizable and cost-effective, Porta-King saves businesses time and money. Their representatives can provide tailor-made solutions for any industry.

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