Portable Baby Bottle and Pacifier UV Disinfector, Cute Tok, Begins Crowdfunding via Indiegogo


Seoul, South Korea -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/09/2017 --Kims Living, a baby disinfector manufacturer, announced that it would hold a campaign and begin crowdfunding from May 23 for Cute Tok through Indiegogo in the United States.

Cute Tok is a product for disinfecting pacifiers using anions emitted from the UV lamp that can reduce the load for mothers when going out. It is a portable product that boasts 99.9% disinfection rates.

The portable baby goods disinfector Cute Tok is shaped like a Kisses chocolate and is easy to carry around, lessening the trouble of having to carry around two or three bottles when going out. Furthermore, it is an item that can rid the concerns of mothers of having to disinfect pacifiers and teething rings when they fall on the ground while babies play with them.

A marketer at Kims Living explained, "It is possible to disinfect products that babies put in their mouths anytime, anywhere," and added, "It is common for babies to drop pacifiers while outdoors, so many mothers take two or three out with them at a time. But with Cute Tok, it is possible to disinfect 99.9% of all viruses and germs in just four minutes."

Furthermore, Cute Tok uses high luminance lamps and internal designs that reduce ozone generation by more than 80% when compared to other baby UV disinfectors, thus solving the problem with corrosion of pacifiers, etc.

The UV lamp of this product is semi-permanent and can be used for approximately 10,000 hours. It applies AA batteries to minimize inconveniences for charging while outdoors and has low-power consumption functions so that it could be used for approximately one month.

CEO of Kims Living Kim Nam-Joo said, "Since launching in the Korean market in June 2016, it took first place in sales for baby pacifier disinfectors in just half a year," and added, "It is receiving good reviews from local buyers at overseas exhibits such as in Japan, Hong Kong, mainland China, Vietnam, and India."

She explained why she developed this product saying, "When I first used a portable baby bottle and pacifier disinfector, I became interested in it as it is an essential product for babies and mothers. Soon after, I realized that there were many inconveniences for such products and felt the need to develop a product that gives more consideration to mothers."

The crowdfunding campaign is currently underway as a BI commercialization support program by the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology, Gyeongbuk Office, and Busan Techno Park, and Winners Lab is in charge of the practical affairs.

Cute Tok will carry out the campaign through Indiegogo in the United States until June 23 and will be sold at $19 USD during the super early bird period, and then at $39 USD at regular prices.