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Posh Concept Integrates Eco-Friendly and Modern Design Concepts Into Newly Released Products, Transparent Series

—5 Mins to Know Global Leader in Mannequin Industry, Posh Concept


Dongguan, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/13/2018 --Leading mannequin manufacturer Posh Concept has recently launched a new eco-friendly mannequin series, transparent series. They provide the preeminent transparent mannequin, which is not only considered the environmental conservation and durability but also emphasizes on the modern visual effects, including full body form, half body form, head form, torso form, etc.

In order to emphasize and publicize the necessity of environmental protection, Posh Concept has always insisted on the eco-friendly materials as the production standard. As a mannequin manufacturer, Posh Concept is equipped with full-processed manufacturing line supported by professional R&D, marketing and service team. "The sense of environmental responsibility and customer trust are the biggest incentives for us to keep moving all the time." the senior manager of Posh Concept said.

What separates Posh Concept's products from others in the market is that Posh Concept not only focuses on the commercial demand for high-quality durability but pays attention to its social responsibility on cyclic utilization. Recently, Posh Concept has launched new display mannequin, clear mannequin, which possesses some extra sparkling selling points as following:

1. Eco- friendly and Recyclable

To maintain a green production process and sustainable, transparent mannequin series uses recyclable materials, which are odorless and non-toxic, compliant with Europe, the United States and Japan environmental protection standard.

2. High-quality and Durable

One-step blow molding and special surface treatment keep the mannequins from paint loss, color fading, scratching and cracking problems. Higher durability saves maintenance costs and enables longer visual life.

3. Product Diversity

Transparent series is mainly divided into two major categories of male and female. Each category has full body form, half body form, torso form, lower body form, leg form, and foot form.

4. Safe to Use

Clear mannequin is odorless and safe to the environment, which is non-flammable and the weight is also adjustable. Posh Concept display fashion items in a safe way.

5. Fashion concept

Transparent prop realizes the unique visual effect. To provide the unlimited creative imagination space for clothing visual designer, the clear prop can be cut and processed at will.

About Posh Concept
Posh Concept, a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly mannequins, aims to assist shop owner in visual merchandising.

Being a subsidiary of Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Limited, a listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx), Posh Concept Mannequins is dedicated to innovation and development of eco- mannequins.

With strong R & D background and experience from the parent company, Posh Concept is ready to deliver quality mannequins made of recyclable materials with the use of a high level of automation.

For more information, please visit the company's website at http://www.pcmannequins.com.