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Positive Affirmation Brand Lullaby Confessions Music Releases First Official Video

Positive lifestyle brand Lullaby Confessions LLC releases first official video with big surprise at 5,000 views. View on their YouTube channel.


Sherman Oaks, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2013 --Following the September, 2012 release of its inaugural album, Lullaby Confessions positive affirmations musical collection is set to release its first official lyric video, allowing kids and parents to begin a positive lifestyle and learn simultaneously.

Most lullabies are random songs that are slow but often carry little meaning. Why not tell your child all the encouraging truths about them from day one? Tell them that they can do anything, be anything, or accomplish any goal they put their mind to. It’s not only good for baby but good for Mom and Dad to get into the habit. Introducing Lullaby Confessions, a musical collection of positive affirmations set to music. After releasing its first album in September of 2012 and an exciting holiday season of starting the "Positive Life Style" Mommy blog, Lullaby Confessions will release its first official video entitled, "Your Love” on February 14 at

"In light of the Valentine’s Day holiday, we thought it would be perfect to release a love song, but from a parent to a child,” says longtime voice actor and singer Barrie Buckner, who’s CEO and managing partner of Lullaby Confessions, LLC. Buckner, who was the voice of Kellog’s Eggo brand from 2001 to 2006 said, "We believe that the reason why a parent would want to share affirmations of kindness and encouragement to their child is because of the love they have for them. So why not have our first video express the foundation of why we do what we do as a company and as parents?" Kids and parents can sing along and learn at the same time. Parents get a jump-start on teaching their children the power of positive speaking before they can even walk. Once the video reaches 5,000 views at, Lullaby Confessions has a big surprise for supporters.

As expectant parents in 2009, Buckner and his wife wanted to pass on positive affirmations to their baby from the womb. Both cultivated personal habits of speaking positive affirmations to themselves growing up and as adults, and saw great results with it. “Whenever I felt like I couldn't do it, I told myself I could and before I knew it, I would do it! Well, the first Saturday after the big news that we were pregnant, I woke up with the idea to put the two together,” said Buckner.

Join the new movement of telling your child all the wonderful truths about them, but do it to a melody!