Positively Managing Method

Positively Managing Performance: Sharrell Kline's Effective Method to Managing Employee Performance

Sharrell Kline's Positively Managing Performance is a roadmap designed to help improve employee-employer relationships


Ridgefield, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/13/2018 --Management consultant and author Sharrell Kline's new book's title is a straightforward statement of what you will find within the pages. Positively Managing Performance: Your Roadmap for Managing Employees, Increasing Engagement & Creating a High Performance Work Environment (released June 12th) is arranged as a mixture of "textbook" and "workbook" functioning as tools to the method she developed to help managers and leaders to continually and effectively manage employee performance, and subsequently improve it, saving companies up to seven figures in what would otherwise be unnecessary spending for the employer.

There's a new industry standard when it comes to management, and it is a continuous one, rather than an annually held assessment like it was before. In her book, Sharrell highlights the importance of recognizing such a process, setting guidelines and ways managers can - and should - use to better manage their team and improve on their performance at work. Big companies like Amazon and Google have already switched to this method of evaluation and the results are largely positive.

Prior to becoming a management consultant and author, Sharrell experienced first hand the harm poor management can cause to a company, to its leaders and employees, and to its revenue. She spent over 20 years working in both the public and private sectors, as a lawyer and a mediator, where she found herself dealing with all kinds of bosses, good and bad. However, it was while working as an HR manager that Sharrell really learned how debilitating it can be working under an unqualified, unprepared boss. Frustration notwithstanding, that's when she started developing the tools and programs which would constitute the method present in Positively Managing Performance, including guides for workforce planning and performance improvement, and a performance improvement/misconduct cycle visual, among other highly productive approaches.

Sharrell's performance improvement guide (the basis of book two in the P+sitively Managing series: Positively Managing Unsuccessful Employees) saved an organization over $1M in its first year, because of their past practice of paying settlements to every poorly terminated employee. When the guide was used, not only did they no longer have to pay out for terminations, they were not sued for wrongful termination, and none of the organization's multiple unions grieved those terminations. In the end, Sharrell turned her negative experience into her P+sitively Managing Method, which is the basis for her newest release, Positively Managing Performance: Your Roadmap for Managing Employees, Increasing Engagement & Creating a High Performance Work Environment.