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Power Equipment Warehouse Introduces Ethanol Shield

Reduce Engine Corrosion with Ethanol Shield™ and Run Your Equipment Problem Free


Warren, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/14/2012 --We’ve all heard of Ethanol, but what is it exactly? Ethanol is a renewable fuel made from plant material known as biomass. Ethanol is contained in 95% of all US gasoline and is used to reduce air pollution. Great right? Not for your outdoor power equipment! Ethanol can have devastating effects on power equipment. Once in your gas tank, ethanol turns to water and wreaks havoc in small engines like lawnmowers, trimmers, blowers, snowblowers, etc.

Ethanol blended gasoline can damage plastic and rubber fuel system components, particularly in older power equipment which are not designed to tolerate ethanol. Ethanol is corrosive by nature and hygroscopic (attracts water), particularly when higher levels of water are present. Carburetor damage results when phase separation occurs and the highly corrosive ethanol / water mixture corrodes fuel system components. Ethanol causes carbon build up and corrosion inside today’s engines. It also dissolves plastic parts, and damages the piston. This alcohol can cause the fuel to ignite at the wrong time in the combustion sequence, thus ruining valuable parts in the process.

High oxygen levels in ethanol-blended fuels cause gasoline to decay faster. If left standing for a long period of time, the decaying fuel leaves varnish and sludge deposits in the carburetor.

Gasoline and milk are both organic -- they decompose the same way. A foul, sour smell indicates BAD GAS! If power equipment is not treated with an ethanol fuel stabilizer it will become hard to start within 30 days. Gasoline will decay in as little as 60 days!

How can you protect your valuable equipment?

Ethanol Shield™

- Ultra-Concentrated.
- For 2 and 4-cycle engines.
- Protects all engine components from corrosion / varnish due to ethanol blended fuels.
- Envelopes water so it passes safely through the fuel system and does not bond.
- Keeps your engine starting and running easily all year.
- Made in the U.S.A and EPA registered (including automobile use).
- NEVER use old gas that has been in the can for more than 30 days.
- Only buy as much gas as you can use within a month.
- Always buy brand name 89 octane or higher gasoline. Brand names have a more steady blend and less variation in quality.
- NEVER store your equipment with gas in the tank. At the end of the season take the equipment outside, start it and let it run out of gas.
- If you use stabilized fuel, after filling the tank start the equipment so this fuel runs through the entire engine.

Prevent future engine problems with Ethanol Shield™. This year-round fuel stabilizer is used for power equipment with 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines. This preventative maintenance formula eliminates and prevents ethanol related problems. Ethanol Shield™ removes water, prevents corrosion, provides easy engine starting all year, and keeps stored fuel fresh.

How do you know if you have bad gasoline? Use Mechanic in a Bottle™ gasoline quality test swabs. If the results are not favorable, then use Mechanic in a Bottle™. This synthetic fuel additive works in power equipment with 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines. It removes all varnish in the fuel system without having to remove the carburetor. It also removes carbon deposits, water, reconditions rubber and plastic components, and revitalizes old fuel. Mechanic In A Bottle™ rejuvenates your equipment’s fuel system so it starts efficiently and operates optimally.

- Quickly fix engines without removing the carburetor.
- Reconditions rubber / plastic components.
- Rejuvenates rubber gaskets that may have dried out from ethanol.
- Removes water that causes corrosion and poor running.
- Restores old, decayed fuel by breaking down carbon deposits and adding an octane booster to replace lost octane.
- Keeps engine in top working condition, avoiding repairs and down time.
- Made in the U.S.A. and EPA registered