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Finally a Worthy Challenger to the Power Plate Phenomenon

TrueVibe promises to be an affordable and worthy replacement to Power Plate


Istanbul, TR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/12/2012 --When it comes to looking for equipments that use the vibrational training method, Power Plate is the undisputable market leader. Manufacturers claim that using the machine for ten minutes shall have the same result as sixty minutes of conventional workout. But there is another product that seems to be a worthy challenger to Power Plate’s dominance.

True Vibe is the brain child of Kevin Barclay, who specializes in the vibration technology for medical and physical wellbeing. It is made under German engineering and combined with parts using high quality stainless steel made in Germany and Netherlands. Even the electric motors and inverter is used from German technology.

This is in contrast with the Power Plate manufacturing process where it is claimed to be made from Indian generic parts, with the body and platform made from plastic. Unknown to many, plastic produces a completely unbalanced and uncontrolled form of vibration. The 3 Dimensional vibrations that are created due to plastic are detrimental to the body.

“There’s been quiet a buzz that several celebrities, including the Queen of Pop- Madonna have endorsed Power Plate and its wondrous benefits. But do you seriously think that a wonderfully toned body such as Madonna’s could only be a result of Power Plate?” says a vibrational trainer who uses TrueVibe. This is in contrast to TrueVibe endorsers who aren’t celebrities, but have been using the product and actually benefitted from it. In fact, hospitals, clinics, physical therapy and rehabilitation units do not usually use Power Plate.

Another common problem found with the equipment is that the fixed handle on Power Plate, sets the contrasts of the arm causing the user to operate according to the position of the arm. This leads to excessive pressure in the joints and posture disorders. But TrueVibe prevents the disorder of the arm as they can be adjusted to increase the effectiveness of training.

“Rather than investing publicity gimmicks, the site invests in science and technology that can be utilized to better the quality of the product,” adds the vibrational trainer. Besides, the product is promoted by VibroKinetix- the first company to provide nationally recognized and accredited vibration courses.

TrueVibe vibration equipment is a worthy challenger to Power Plate.To know more, visit,